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Hi all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Heather and I am writing this from my hospital bed, waiting to go to surgery for the insertion of a Peritoneal Catheter for Kidney Failure. I will have this for the rest of my life. I am not coping with this massive change, even though I've known for years it was coming. I have a wonderful Social Worker who suggested this forum as a way of connecting with people who will understand. I am keen to talk to anyone who has been through this and can answer questions about the procedure, ongoing care, how long the anxiety and depression lasts and what you did to cope. Thank you
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Hi, welcome

Good luck with your surgery, hope it goes ok.

Such traumatic events in our lives really set us back. One idea that you might already have thought of is some positive thinking. Yes its a bit obvious but really works for me. For example- About 20 years ago I started taking medication that I'd be on all my life for bipolar. That upset me a lot but then I thought- "if I need to take more tablets it isnt an issue as I'm already taking a tablet every morning, no difference taking one more is it"? Another time several years ago I broke my leg. 8 weeks in a wheel chair. Prior to that (I'm a bit of a sook) I would feel self pity if I had a limp from gout or cramp from building something. Not any more.

This positive approach doesnt mean you cant fall in a heap on occasions, where positivity works is pulling yourself up again. The rebound.

Here is a few threads you might ant to read. Just need to read the first post so it wont take long.




The last one has youtube videos recommended. They are wonderful to listen to.


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Hi HeatherN,

Wellcome to our forums!

Wishing you all the best for your procedure!

Ive had severe anxiety OCD in my life time.

I have now recovered from this condition, I was taught many strategies for anxiety I’m happy to share them with you….

I understand having big changes in our lives can make us feel overwhelmed and we wonder how we are going to be able to deal with them……… every new challenge in life builds our resilience…….

We are here for you on this forum to chat to you and support you…. 😊

Thank you much. Funny now that the surgery is over I don't feel quite so bad