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Hi everyone, been diagnosed with anxiety 8 years ago,thought it was about time to stop being quiet about it and speak up and share with like minded people.
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Hi, welcome

So far so good, you've come to the right place. We have an enormous library if you think of a topic just place it in the search bar above.

Anxiety is a serious illness that many think it is overcome easily, it isnt. In fact it took me 22 years when I finally realised I'd conquered it. To illustrate the steps I took to accomplish that please click on the link below and read just the first post.


Feel free to repost on a new thread on any topics relating to your problems and questions.


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Hi Navel,

A very warm welcome to you! I too have struggled with anxiety - it sucks! I am not okay with it and don't really experience it often anymore.

But it helps to know you definitely aren't alone.

I hope you can find some comfort in these forums - we're all happy and helpful!