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Hi guys,

I'm Butterflyfish, a 25 year old female from WA, living in Queensland working in NSW. I know complicated right.

Recently joined the BB forum as I have started having these really negative thoughts which has started to effect my everyday life. It has taken me until my gym coach asked me if I was ok? and bursting into tears and a massive conflict for me to make an appointment to see a GP. I'm going tomorrow but I guess I feel like I'm wasting their time as there are people a lot worse off than I am.

I don't know why these feelings of self doubt and sadness are coming from and why I can't stop having them. They aren't all the time but somehow I keep coming back to them. Almost a year ago I lost my Nanna and I recently had a car accident. Those two events seem to be the only thing that I can assign to the cause.

This is not my first time seeking help from a GP which why I guess I put it off. In my third year of University I had a snorkelling accident and a few months later a very similar thing occurred; crying all the time, negative thoughts and high stress levels.

I saw counselor and she advised me to see a GP to make saw there was nothing physically wrong. However, when I went to the GP, he was quite rude and simply handed me a script saying your depressed take these. Medication is last resort for me as a personal opinion and even the counselor I was depressed the next time I visited it was just in that moment I was over come with stress.

I guess I'm looking for opinions on how to approach this appointment to not get the same result.

Thanks 🙂

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Dear Butterflyfish,

It sounds like you have been through a lot!

I can totally understand how seeing that GP put you off! No one wants to leave a general practice feeling like an inconvenience.

I do believe that in all professionals there are those who do their jobs well and others who do not for many different reasons, they could have had a bad day, not that I want to give this person an excuse 🙂

Your next appointment could go very well 🙂 Alternatively, you could try to seek help from a counsellor or a psychologist! To be honest, I am always a bit shocked when I hear people saying that their GP give them psychiatric medication without a proper assessment! GP can do basic tests but psychologists for example have been trained to deal with such issues in a very specialised way and could be very helpful in giving you little tips to feel better! 🙂 (You know that you can get a health plan from you Gp to get a medicare rebate on psychologists sessions?)

Just a suggestion as I can see that all you have been through is having a negative impact on you (Stress and depression like symptoms)

I really hope your appointment goes well for you 🙂

Kind regards


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Hello Butterflyfish,

I'm also a newbie and this is my first time posting.

I recently experienced something similar- randomly broke down and couldn't stop crying. I actually went to the doctors on Wednesday to talk about it and she referred me to a psychologist but I'm yet to make that appointment- I must admit i've been putting it off.

Just wanted to introduce myself and say that although it may feel like it, you're not alone. I don't know you but your circumstances sounded all too familiar to me. Hope your appointment goes well!