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introducing myself and my journey

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Hi to all not sure where to start really.

Ihave suffered chronic pain for along time now and back in November I was told that a surgery could really help my issues.

This so called specialist did 2 surgeries on my spine and in doing so toremy labral layer in my hip by over extended the leg to gain access.

This same doctor fobbed me off after 3 months of complaining about hip and I got it fixed by another surgeon.

Now it is 10 months since my surgeries and I in more pain than ever and only to be told that the treatment I require to fix what the surgeon has caused I can't afford.

Im just putting this out there to anyone that is thinking of spinal surgery make triple sure you know exactly what can go wrong before you have anyone operate and get at lkeast a 2nd opinion.

My life is now finished I have nothing to live for and I'm not going to just sit around in pain all day.


So please check and check again before you let anyone touch your spine

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Hi dwalk, 

We are so sorry that you have been through so much, we can hear that it has had an intense impact on you and your mental health. Chronic pain is incredibly difficult to live with and we can only imagine how you are feeling. We want to thank you for being brave and sharing your story with us to today, you can never know who will read this and feel less alone in their own experience. Thank you for your courage.

We are concerned about how you are feeling and have reached out to your privately to check-in. If you ever feel unsafe, this is an emergenecy and you should call 000 straight away.

We also want to encourage you to give us a call on 1300 22 4636 to chat about these feelings with our expert, friendly and understanding team. You can also call our friends at Lifeline on 13 11 14 if you prefer - they are also wonderful and helpful. 

If you want to talk to someone who really gets chronic pain you can also check out Chronic Pain Australia or have a look at their forums to chat with other people who may have had similiar experiences. 

We would also really like to hear back from you if you feel comfortable shaing how you are feeling again - but it is totally up to you. Thank you again for being an important part of this community and for sharinig your story. 

Kind regards, 

Sophie M

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi dwalk,

As someone who suffers from chronic illness, I can understand how you feel. At times, it is hard. I could not imagine being in pain every day. I see how much you've been through, I am sorry.

If you need immediate help, please call 000 or the hotlines Sophie has suggested above.

Please stay strong. Have you heard of pain management clinics? You could also get a referral to a health psychologist, who might be able to help you cope, they specialise in chronic pain and illness.

Please keep your head up. Would love to hear back,


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Hi dwalk,

Sorry to hear you're having so much pain after back surgery. I have a chronic pain condition and for a while the pain was almost unbearable but now it's very manageable.

So you don't necessarily have to live with this amount of pain forever, there is hope!

I would recommend a pain management program which a large teaching hospital will usually have.

I use heat packs, the wheat ones you buy at a pharmacy and heat up in a microwave, as a lot of the pain is often muscle pain and heat and/or ice packs can help relax the muscles in your back/hip.

A physiotherapist might be able to give you exercises and massage techniques and walking in water/aquatherapy advice.

If I can recommend a book, Back in Control by Dr David Hanscom was one I found really helpful. Your local library might have others.

Definitely try to find a pain management specialist/clinic.

There are many ways to greatly relieve this kind of pain. Don't despair!

Happy to help with anything else if I can. Sometimes just venting can help!

Remember this can be hugely improved. Don't give up!

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi dwalk,

Wellcome to our forums!

Im so sorry this has happened to you, I understand how chronic pain can affect someone’s life…… but I ask even though you are in chronic pain do you have people in your life that are supportive towards you?

Have you been down the road of seeing a pain management specialist? I understand you can be prescribed pain medication…… you just need to learn how to manage it….

Please don’t believe you have nothing to live for there is still a beautiful life out there for you even though you have pain every day there are ways to manage it……

Im here to chat

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I've been to the pain clinics and they are the ones that say my only Avenue left is a spinal stimulator and I just cannot afford one so I have no options left. I am not wanting to just exist .I cant see my children or grand children as I cannot travel and there jobs stop them from traveling to see me.

I have spoken to them and they will be sad and upset at me not being around but they also know I cant live like this either

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Thank you for replying but I have already done the clinics massages etc that you have mentioned and my only Avenue is the stimulator.

My nerve pain gets worse every week and is not going to get better .

It just sucks that the only way to have any sort of quality of life is the one I cannot afford and I'm sure it's the same situation for many others.

I am not going to live like this it is existence not living

Hi dawalk,

We are so sorry to hear about what you're going through; it sounds like it has been a tough time. Thank you for being part of our forums, it takes a lot of courage and strength to reach out. The community will be here to listen and chat with you. You can also reach out to Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636 or Lifeline 13 11 14 if you need some further support tonight.

Hi Dwalk,

We have sent you a private email so that we can support you further.

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Hi dwalk.

I'm so sorry you've tried these other avenues and they say only a Tens (nerve stimulator). How much do these cost? What was actually wrong with your spine to start off with?

Have you been given pain medication?

Is there no other help they can give you?

Any use trying another pain specialist?

It sounds like a really really tough situation. We're all here to support you as best we can. Do you have supportive family nearby?

So sorry things are so overwhelming for you.

Can you tell us a bit more if you feel like it? I'll try to come by later today.

Chronic pain is exhausting. Really sorry you've been going through all this mate!