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introducing myself and my journey

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Hi to all not sure where to start really.

Ihave suffered chronic pain for along time now and back in November I was told that a surgery could really help my issues.

This so called specialist did 2 surgeries on my spine and in doing so toremy labral layer in my hip by over extended the leg to gain access.

This same doctor fobbed me off after 3 months of complaining about hip and I got it fixed by another surgeon.

Now it is 10 months since my surgeries and I in more pain than ever and only to be told that the treatment I require to fix what the surgeon has caused I can't afford.

Im just putting this out there to anyone that is thinking of spinal surgery make triple sure you know exactly what can go wrong before you have anyone operate and get at lkeast a 2nd opinion.

My life is now finished I have nothing to live for and I'm not going to just sit around in pain all day.


So please check and check again before you let anyone touch your spine

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Community Champion
Community Champion

I am so sorry you are in pain. I think you should seek urgent mental health care.

Again, I think a health psychologist would be able to help you learn strategies to cope with the pain.

Please stay strong and do as Sophie has suggested. You will be missed. You are supported here.