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If you were to be hospitalised what things would you bring for comfort?

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This question is out of boredom but here's my answer - let me know yours

My list:

Pyjamas, blank exercise book, pens/texta, my own pillow , my clothes, my own blanket, a mindful book e.g. colouring book + puzzles in it with coloured pencils and a picture of my significant other standing beside my dog, a usb flashdrive music player that can be charged by pc and headphones.

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Summer Rose
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi insertaname

Interesting question. Like your suggestions.

I would take some family photos to keep me motivated and strong. And I'd take some fresh flowers to remember it's a beautiful world.

Kind thoughts to you

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Insertaname~

I've taken three things that have made a huge difference.

First the numbers, including after hours, of the psychiatrist that admitted me in case of difference of opinion with staff

Secondly a lot of books, so I can mentally escape

Third a small nighttime reading light as sleep often does not come.

Some people take or smuggle in phones, I'm in two minds about that. I believe isolation from the world helped me a lot.


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Blue Voices Member

Hello Insertaname, that's a good question and it would depend on the hospital you are admitted to, if you are having a hip replaced is different to what you could take into a psych department. where some hospitals won't allow you to take in any pencils or what you have also mentioned.

Each hospital has its own type of rules and may confiscate items, depending.


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Champion Alumni

What a curious question, I love it.

I was thinking about it for a while especially thinking about what that would mean my mental state would be like if I needed to be in hospital.

It is interesting to read what others reach out to when distressed. First music came to mind but if I was that unwell even music wouldn't help.

Which brought me back to my ultimate coping mechanism. Binge eating. I would take chocolate, milk and tea.

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Community Champion

J, Thanks for the thread.

it is funny how you are preared when you go into hospital to have a baby but not for other times. Mind you I never got time to play the soothing tapes and use massage oil and burn incense!!

My phone as it has photographs and videos of my family, a teddybear or something soft to hold, a journal, magazines, prunes and dried fruit and nuts as I don't trust hospital food to have much fibre!!

Quercus ,chocolate is a great idea too.


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Champion Alumni

Hi Everyone,

Earlier this year I was taken to hospital in a hurry with only the clothes I was wearing.

My emergency kit would contain a toothbrush, change of clothes and a hairbrush!

If I knew I was going in I too would take things that would help me through the day.

Good question and yes it may depend where you were being sent.

Cheers all from Dools

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Thanks to everyone for answering the question i never thought of a hospital setting at the time but it sure does open my eyes up a little bit more.

It was great to see everyone's responses and most of us wrote our loved ones and basic items.

I'll try and come up with another question - just don't know when that will be


Hi Jennifer,

Yes, I guess it does depend on what you take to a hospital if you consider why you are going there in the first place and what kind of ward you will be in.

Good question though. Might help someone who does need to attend hospital to consider what to take.

A list of medications might be a helpful item to have also!

Cheers from Dools