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I’m struggling and I can’t get out of my own head

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Hi my name is Richie and I feel so alone right now I wish I had someone to talk to I’ve got something called BDD and I feel like I can’t control myself and I’m so depressed and down all I think about is disappearing I’m struggling to stay afloat.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hello Richie, thanks for posting your comment.

You've come to a site where there are so many people you can talk to via online, those who understand exactly what you are going through and struggling with

Can I suggest that you click on 'All Posts' and read some of the threads that have been posted, then you may decide to reply to a comment, this will allow you to communicate with other people.

Your doctor may suggest a referral, but to get a better understanding while you are on 'All Posts' scroll down until you see 'Publications to download or order' which is a booklet for you to get a better knowledge of any type of depressions.

Please post any question you want to.


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Hello Ritchie & Welcome to BB Forum.

Thankyou for your courage to post especially when feeling in that dreaded state. As Geoff had mentioned it would an very good idea to scroll & read some of what others have personally experienced. This will give you some reassurance that there others who also suffer from BPD along with multiple issues & suggestions of How it's helped them.

It's a great idea to try to download what BB has to offer on BPD. This will give you a measure of understanding of yourself & how, what, where to get the extra needed medical support. No doubt you've already been diagnosed by a professional medical practioner as you had mentioned you have "something called BPD".... It takes a very fully qualified Dr to diagnose such a complex mental disorder.

Ritchie, what your currently feeling & experiencing comes with BPD ... that's where a reputable medical practitioner is so valuable whilst in this state. He/she should be giving you the tools so you may some understanding of your feelings. DBT is helpful for those who have BPD. It's a type of therapy done by a fully qualified psychologist who specializes in that field.

I also suffer from BPD/anxiety/depression/ptsd. I Do fully understand what you are going through. No two persons are alike when receiving help from a good therapists. It's genuine mental disorder which is caused from a numbers of things. Nothing to be ashamed about. You're a worthwhile individual seeking support & encouragement.

www.sane.com.au/ have excellent resources on those who have BPD. BB likewise. The more you have an understanding about this disorder, the better you will be equipped when upon seeing your medical practioner/advisor.

Hope this tiny bit of info will help you.




Hello Ritchie,

Re:- BDD.

It's Amiella here again..... .....

I would like to express my sincere humble apologies to you on the last post I sent by giving the wrong advice & suggestions.

I just realized you're suffering from BDD & not BPD.

Please feel free to look at the BEYOND BLUE Resources as they have a wealth of knowledge on your type of disorders.

Also please have a look on the BB Forum reading other's posts. It will definitely Lift Your Spirits as you read how others have helped each other in their darkest times.

I wish all the very best

My sincere apologies once again.