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Hola everyone

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Hola everyone,

I am more that happy to join in this community. I am Lorena, from South America. I have been living in Australia 6 years and I really love this country. I am social communicator but once I moved to this country I had to start from the beginner, initially as I could not speak english I was very afraid about everything here, but the life has been showing me how strong we can be and how with perseverance and patience we can adapt to new environments.

I love animals, meditation, yoga and dancing. I strong believe is important give us at less 5 minutes everyday to connect with ourselves and also I enjoy having time with friends and family.

As a part to find my purpose of life I realised I want to study community services - mental health. Supporting people and listening diferents perspectives is what make me happy life, that is why I am here.

Hoping we can have lots conversation around.



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Community Champion
Community Champion

hello and welcome to the forums.

feel free to join in the conversations in the different threads and to offer your perspective.

tell me, how are you going in your studies?

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Community Champion

hola Lorena

a big welcome to australia.

*I admire people who can learn more than one language.What sort of animals do you like?

I am here and listening

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Community Champion

Hi LorenaC,

Wellcome to our forums!

Well done for learning to adapt to your new environment and learning a new language….. I understand how hard it would have been when you first moved to Australia.

Looking forward to seeing you around our forums 😊

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Thank you Petal 22´s

Hi quirkywords´s

I love dogs, they are my favourite. I have a cat with me now since 2 years ago. but in general i like all the animlas, little bit scared about spiders tho hahah.

Hi Small wolf,

Well as I decided to change my path jumping from marketing and communication to community services. My plan is next year start a diploma, in the middle time i am having a look some certificates or course in mental health to doing online whereas we are on lockdown.

If maybe you have an idea about any course related could be great.


Community Champion
Community Champion
Personally ... I did a Diploma (in Counseling) through AIPC - you can do it online and self-paced.