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Hi I am a 14 year old boy in nsw suffering depression the cause of my depression is from being bullied in primary school
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Hello o0 3ree6ixty 0o

I am so sorry that you are suffering as a result of being bullied in primary school, these school years can be really so very hard to manage, especially when you get a whole group of people who are trying to find out who they are, where they fit and how to be accepted, and some resort to bullying to make themselves feel..whether that be feel seen or feel validated or even feel some self worth.

I am so proud of you for reaching out to get some support here, to have a chat and to let us know how you are feeling. We are here to chat with you and we care very much.

School is hard, really hard, and managing depression on top of this I imagine is even harder. I was wondering if you have some people that you trust in your life that you could actually have a conversation with? Parents or family members, friends parents or even the school counsellor? There are also some really wonderful support lines available for young people and one is Kids Helpline, they are available on the phone on 1800 55 1800 but also on a web chat service too if you feel more comfortable doing that, I will put that link here:


If you would like to chat some more I would like to listen, to perhaps give you some words of support from an old 46 year old who has some teens at home and knows of how hard these years can be.

Welcome to the forum and hope to chat some more soon



Thank you And you seem really nice and would love to chat to you more

Hi 3ree6ixty yes I know what it was like to be bullied in primary school I used to wear glasses and was bigger weight wise then most kids to plus I have a learning disability. I than changed schools after year 5 but the new school was pretty much the same thing in a way. If you ever need to chat I’m here for you ok.

I understand I am a 14 year old with adhd and not even 1.5 meters tall

Hello o0 3ree6ixty Oo

It is great to hear from you again and to chat to you some more, if there was anything that you wanted to share or talk some more about we are here for you.

14 is such an interesting age, I say that as it is a mix of being still young at heart, still so much to see with your eyes, yet so many changes both mentally and physically too, also learning social behaviors and how we interact and communicate, or don't.

I hope today is good for you and that something beautiful happens to make you smile.