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Hi there lovely people

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Just wanted to make contact, i'm a bit of a technophobe & anxious about this whole online thing! But I need to find community, need to reach out after such isolation. Trying to look after myself as i have no local support, no that's not true, my dog is always by my side. Things have been really hard for some time now. Could do with a virtual hug. Thanks for reading.
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Hi Banksy,

My darling girl got through her surgery really well. She's a patchwork quilt now as she ended up having 7 lumps removed. She's home now & off with the opiate fairies. She'll need some intensive nursing over the next 10 days.

I've washed dishes & put on some chicken for her if she wants dinner later.

Meanwhile my alcoholic online gaming addicted partner is sitting happily at his computer with his beer. No wonder I get depressed.

Nice to know complete strangers are thinking of me at this time. Thanks to everyone out ther.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Crepe Myrtle..

Im so happy to hear that your darling girl’s surgery went well and she is comfortable at home with her mummy....

I’m sorry that your partner is not much support with your fur girl....A lot of pampering, love and cuddles will your fur girl, will hopefully give you both a warm feeling...

Kind thoughts lovely Crepe Myrtle....with a pat from my fur girls to yours....and a hug for you..🤗💜..


Well my dog is doing incredibly well, much better than expected. For a few days there I was able to put all my focus onto her. Now that she doesn't need all my attention i'm finding my reality is seeping back in to my daily life. It's not a good reality.

I'm not coping well at all. Don't want to get out of bed. Don't want to face the day. Don't want.... anything...

Now i just feel like i'm complaining and next thing i know i'll be apologising which i know is not right so i'll leave it at that.

Good to be reaching out i suppose.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Crepe Myrtle...

Thats so good your gorgeous fur baby is doing so well..but no so good that your not coping well...I’m so sorry your not..

When you needed to spend your ime and energy on your girl, you were experiencing a coping tool called distraction...one of the best coping tools for mental illness...Your thoughts were directed (distracted) onto something else rather then staying in your head....

Staying in bed is okay every so often..the problem is in bed we don’t have any distraction from our depressive thoughts...and that’s the reason that we can get deeper into our depression..

I’m wondering if your gorgeous girl fur, would enjoy a lovely slow walk with you today, or maybe a sit down outside with you in the beautiful outdoors, with fresh air and lots of new smells that she can discover, while you listen to the sweet songs of the birds around you....Just some gentle suggestions lovely lady..

Your not complaining Crepe Myrtle, your saying how it is..and that’s what here is for....

Have you ever listened to audio books?...I love them and light my candles while I’m listening to them...my fur babies like to watch the flickering flame....

I think I may be rambling on a bit..Just wanted to try to help you...and to let you know that I do care about you and am here if you feel to talking...

My kindest of all wishes for you and your fur girl...with a warm and caring hug to you both..


Hello Grandy,

Thank you for your kind words, they really make a difference. To feel heard, acknowledged is so important and i haven't felt that for a while.

My dog & i would both benefit from a gentle walk, if i can bring myself to do it.

I usually like to listen to music but today that doesn't feel right. I don't know what to say, just a great big thankyou for hearing me and caring.

Hugs and pats to you & your furry ones.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Crepe Myrtle..,,

Just popping in to see how you and your gorgeous fur girl are doing....

What kind of music do you like listening to...no need too answer if your not up to it...

Oh my goodness today I went to visit my neighbour with my 2 fur girls as she had a little one like my 2 ( Maltese cross) and a Siberian Husky...they all like playing together...also my neighbour has around 9 chickens, 3 little chicks running around and a duck....they all play with each other...For some reason my fur girl decided that rubbing herself in Duck 🦆 💩 droppings would be a good thing to do....😂😂..Wow she didn’t smell to good to me....😂😂 and being a hot day I hosted her off...under a great deal of protest from her....

Just thought you might like a bit of company today and hear about what my day was like...

I hope today was good for you both..

Kind thoughts with a hug or 2 for you both..


Hi Grandy,

My girl is getting her stitches out today, fingers crossed, she's done so well.

I managed a four hour round trip to visit my friend the other day which did me a world of good.

Thanks for your thoughts, I hope today is good to everyone.

Hi Crepe Myrtle,

Really glad to hear your fur baby is travelling well after their surgery and that you found comfort in supporting them through it. It's nice to have someone or something to take care of to take our mind off of things sometimes.

I'm also really glad to hear you got out to see a friend and it brought you some joy. 4 hour round trip - wow! Good on you for arranging it and getting out to see them. Were you able to talk to them about how you have been feeling? Are they someone you can trust with this? I hope they are supportive.

My cheeky dog is laying beside me as I write this, licking peanut butter off a kong. His favourite. When I'm really down, I find getting him out for a walk in the park, or being silly and playing with him inside can really put a smile on my face. They are so loving and loyal to us, our pets.

Another small action you may want to try is a gratitude list. For me, when I feel deeply depressed and low on energy this is something I can either write down in bed or sad out loud one by one, to help shift my mind from sad/negative thoughts into more positive ones. It can be as simple as being grateful for sunshine, clean water, a warm bed... or as personal as our pets, family or certain memories... I list as much as I can in one sitting. Perhaps you could try this next time you're down?

Thinking of you and sending virtual hugs.

Let us know how you're getting on soon.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Crepe Myrtle...

Awe I’m really happy your gorgeous fur babies got his stitches out...I had a bit of surgery on my back and was so looking forward to getting my stitches out yesterday, but they decided another few days to a week....I wonder if our furs get as itchy as humans do when they have stitches...if only we could talk dog language 😁....

Going our on a 4 hour round trip..I’m so proud of you...I know how hard that would have been for you...you did it and spending time with your friend made you feel a world of good....That was talking a few good steps forward...

I hope that your girl continues to heal daily...I have a thunderstorm right now and my fur girls are scared of them...I have both sitting on my lap getting lots of soothing pats..It’s sad to see them so scared and hard to comfort them when they don’t understand...

How are you...yourself feeling lovely lady..both mentally and physically?...remember Crepe Myrtle that we are here for you if you need to talk or even just for a chat....

Look after yourself Crepe Myrtle as well as your fur girl...

looking forward to hearing how your feeling....when you feel up to it...no pressure though...

My care, love and hugs for you lovely lady and some pats for your gorgeous fur girl..l