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Hi I’m new here and seek advice <3

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Hey guys/gals

I’m new here, so nice to meet you and thank you in advance for any help and information given to me on my next journey to save my youngest brother to not fall victim to mental health. 3 years ago I set on a journey to save a brother from ice addiction of 8 years. During this time he had endured jail and was released into my care , long story short I moved him from vic and now his been sober and has finally found a job and 7 weeks going strong in that job 😊 it was a hell of a ride I do have many many grey hairs now in 3 years but I’m so proud he is alive and well and has started to change his life for the better!! But now I have my baby brother with severe mental health needing my help and I don’t know where to start, he has finally decided to move to nsw and we have set a date (hopefully we will be out of lockdown) I know I have to wait until his here to start him on a mental health care plan so I need advise how to write down some future goals and set some boundaries the thing is my brother is going on 26, his never held a job and lives on a computer so where do I start without forcing and dictating? Any advice is going to be a great help thank you 🙏

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Community Champion

Hi and welcome to the beyond blue forums.

These are just my thoughts that I will put out there. Some will be bad or dumb and others not so?

  • At some point we have to let our brothers and sisters work it out for themselves. Of course this requires a fair amount of trust. #1
  • Without in knowing much about your brother, make sure the goals are achievable. No point in setting he has no chance of reaching. #2
  • What sort of boundaries were you thinking of?
  • If support is needed ... What options exist in the place going to?
  • How much of this will your brother accept?

For me, you come across as a very caring and concerned person which are very good qualities to have. And don't change on my account either. If I were to give any advice... It would be to work out the goals together so you are both part of the plan and he gets to have some ownership and wanting to make it work.

Hope this helps.