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Hi everyone, new to this

Community Member
Im a bit apprehensive about posting but thought I might give it a crack.
Ive ignored my mental health for a while and I guess its catching up with me.
Recent incidents have me very anxious at work and I find myself breaking down crying.
Hope everyone is well
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dudge,

We would like to warmly welcome you to the forums..It takes a lot of courage to post on the forums..you did it and we are so thankful that you did...

Im sorry you’re breaking down and crying...

Our mental Health is an ongoing work in progress and we should try very hard not to ignore it..just as we care for our physical health we must also care for our mental health..But can understand how hard that can be at times..

The incidents t work, is it something that you could talk to your manager or supervisors about?...having to go to a work place that causes so much anxiety isn’t at all good for your mental health..maybe speaking to someone their might be helpful for you..

Im wondering if you have any professional people looking after your mental health..if not would speaking to your Gp about how your feeling..is that something that you consider..they really can help us so much..with meds and mental health care plans...I tried for many years on my own to fix my mh...and found I continued to get worse..until I spoke to my GP...

Talk here anytime, we are all here for you and hope that we can talk through with you what you’re going through...

Sending you my kindest thoughts with my care.,