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Hey Yall

Community Member
I am so sick of life atm, its so shit and I'm over it
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Always Hangry,

Can I Please give you a very warm and caring welcome to the forums...

Im really sorry it’s taken a while for you to receive a reply..sometimes when it’s really busy posts get pushed back a page or two...it’s definitely no reflexion on your post...

How are you feeling today?..

Would you like to share a little more about yourself..it’s up to you no pressure at all...I know that life can get very hard at times...and we feel so alone...Your not alone lovely Always Hangry....

Do you know what’s happened in your life to make you feel the way you are?...If we know a little more about what’s happened to you to make you feel this way...we can offer you more support and care...

Hoping to hear from you...My kindest and caring thoughts Always Hangry..


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi AlwaysHangry,

I'm so sorry that you are feeling over it.

If it is okay with you, do you mind telling me why? Telling people can let go of a lot of stress and emotions and can make us feel a lot better.

If you don't feel okay with that, then speaking to a psychologist or counsellor can really help. They are trained to help others.

Here to chat if you need.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hey Always Hangry,

I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling this way - sounds like you are having a tough time. Want to talk about it?

Sometimes letting out your frustration can really help, very happy to hear what you have to say and talk about anything and everything. These forums are a safe space 🙂

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey AlwaysHangry!

I totally get it!

Sometimes life just throws curved balls after curved balls and it's really awful.

What's been going on?

Maybe you can eat something before you reply lol, then you can drop the "Hangry" and just be "Always"!

A very warm welcome to the forums. I hope you can let it all out here and get it ALL off your chest.
So many of us do and it can be really therapeutic!

Welcome again!

Community Champion
Community Champion


welcome you along with others here.

I am so glad you reached out and I have felt like you do.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi AlwaysHangry,

Wellcome to our forums!

Sorry you are feeling this way….

We are all here as a community to support you in any way we can, when you are ready please let us know why life seems so shit for you at the moment.

Here to chat