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Hello there

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46yr old male here with over 20 year long history with depression and anxiety.

Name a med or a type of counselling and chances are I've given it a shot!

Things have been tough lately and despite being married with children, I am very alone.

I figured it'd be good to participate here as it'll give me a space for open dialogue, something that I'm very much lacking at home and work.



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Hi PeteC23, i thought I'd reply as I too have a more than 20 year history of depression and anxiety and have also tried so many different meds/counselling.

Sorry to hear that things have been tough lately. I completely understand that you can feel very alone even when in a relationship. I'm also in a relationship but my partner doesn't really know how to empathise - i think empathy can actually be really hard to give and it's something I really need.

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Hello and welcome, so glad to see your thread, good on you reaching out, it takes guts to own loneliness. I look forward to reading your dialogue.

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Welcome Pete

This is your thread so you can post and ask questions , and start a dialogue. This is a supportive and non judgmental site.