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Finally talking to someone..

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Hi everyone,

I'm quite new to this... I've never really opened up to anyone about my mental health issues before. It has always been an uncomfortable topic for me to discuss, even over the phone with counsellors but given the anonymity of this forum, I oddly feel very safe.

I'm 23, and have been dealing with anxiety for a long time. But this year especially the stressors of life has just been extra debilitating; I can't stop thinking about my finances, whether I can support my family or whether I can deal with a parentless existence... My anxiety has become so bad that I can no longer go outside by myself or at times, even when I have someone with me. The physical symptoms of anxiety... is just so hard to live with.

My anxiety makes it hard for me to work full time.. I've tried it before but can't commit to all that come with full time work which stresses me out even more because part of my anxiety revolves around finances... my biggest fear is being homeless with no one to care for me... or.. is it loneliness? I can't tell at this point.

Any comments would be welcomed..
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Community Champion

Hi, welcome

Yes, this forum is a safe place.

I grew up developing anxiety in a stressful household, by 31yo it climaxed and it left me wondering how I could defeat it. In total it took me 22 years so one day in 2009 I realised I was no more anxious than Mr average.

So here is some threads explaining the techniques. Google them and read the first post of each

beyondblue topic anxiety, how I eliminated it

beyondblue topic meditation, he helped me for 25 years- Maharaji

reply anytime