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Email counselling

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Hey everyone, this might be an odd request, but does anyone know of any free counselling services done by email? I sometimes find it hard to express myself, so email would be best for me to communicate my issues. Thank you in advance!
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Wellcome to our forums!

I’m unsure if there are counselling sessions done by email… maybe one of our other members may know?

Just a suggestion you could write down a list of everything you want to discuss in your session and read off the list..

Sending you kindness

Here to chat

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Welcome to the Beyond Blue forums. I do not know any free emailing counselling services but there are many live online chat and call services that you can use!

Beyond Blue chat service: https://online.beyondblue.org.au/#/chat/start

Beyond Blue call service: 1300 22 4636

Lifeline call service: 13 11 14

Lifeline chat service: https://www.lifeline.org.au/crisis-chat/

Hope this helps! Here if you need to chat.

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Blue Voices Member

Hello DDDD, if you copy and paste this for your browser it has many different ways you could do this.

-free online counselling chat 24/7 australia

Good luck.


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Valued Contributor

Hello DDDD,

I have not heard of any counselling done via email. I have been with my Psychiatrist using telehealth, talking on the phone. Because Dr is a private practitioner, I do pay, and Medicare pays too.

I have had reason to consult a Psychologist, and asked my GP, who wrote up a Mental Care Plan. I did not have to pay. It was not ideal, though, because of the limitted number of sessions, and I could not get regular appointments. We did, a couple times, have the session via phone.

Telehealth has been a good alternative during lockdowns - reducing the need to go out, reducing risk all round.

Long ago, when I first began seeing a Psychiatrist, I could barely manage to open my mouth, to say anything, and it was a couple years before I felt able to open up a little. In the meantime, I wrote, wrote, and wrote. And painted too. I showed some of writing and paintings to them, and slowly began to talk.

It was as if I needed to push myself, stick a wedge (like the writing and painting) in there and create a crack and keep opening that up, learning as I did, I could trust the Psychiatrist to hear me. That was incredibly important to me.

Also, I should mention, talking to my current Psychiatrist over the phone is not ideal, for either of us. It is much better getting up and out to a seperate place for the sessions. Challenging, but better.

If we were talking via email, there would be a lack of spontaneity. Not the same interpersonal interaction that is available even over the phone, There is more face to face. Some people do that, you know, Face Time, Zoom, but not me. I cannot hardly see when we are together in a room, much less on my phone's screen. So if Dr can't see, I think that levels the playing field!

Most people do take advantage of non-verbal cues, body language and such when talking to others, so if you remove those from your conversation, problems may arise - miscommunication, not seeing or hearing the emotional content, when words do not convey the full complexity of what we express.

I hope this is helpful.

Even as you write on this forum, I think you may find words to say will come more easily. Be patient. Sometimes, when I pushed myself, frustrated and angry with myself, that was not helpful, so "patience", I say, "patience", like a mantra.

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Great question, and totally get how much easier it is to talk through email!

The first thing that comes to mind is TIACS (This is a conversation starter). It's sms based and might be worth checking out - https://www.tiacs.org/

Hope this helps,