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Double the grief in 1 year

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Hi, my daughters father killed him self almost 1 year ago. Our daughter is turning 6 in 2 months. I had just started a relationship and was a month in when that happened. We stayed together and did have a fulfilling relationship while I was dealing with my loss but things are never as hey seem. 6 months of messy back and forth and then this week he totally turned his back on me/ I feel very lost and both things have hit me hard.
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Karzie,

I’m deeply sorry for the loss of your daughter’s father. Then there was the loss of a relationship as well. As you said, two huge losses in one year. That’s excruciating to go through....I would think you must be feeling very heartbroken and, as you said, lost. So many overwhelming emotions...

Is it okay if I ask how are you doing since your first post?

Obviously, there’s no rush or pressure to reply. But when and if you’re feeling up to writing, it would be great to hear from you again.

Kind and caring thoughts,


Hi pepper, thanks for your reply. Honestly this past week I have really struggled to keep my head above water, crying constantly and completely drained/ I’ve found it hard to even focus on my daughter when she needs me the most. I have a fairly strong support network but the man who just turned his back on me was an integral part of my support. He is also my immediate neighbour and we’ve been friends for years before we got together. Anyway I think today I’m doing better/ I’ve changed my diet over the past week/ I wanst eating very well and begun exercising more. I have a psychologist who I see frequently but This past week I haven’t been able to see her. I just want to have a happy ad full filling life but I don’t seem to be able to find much strength...