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Don’t know how to ask for help with anxiety

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Hi, I’m new to bb. I struggle with anxiety at times, not everyday. I find it difficult to reach out for help/support as I am usually the support person. I work in healthcare and feel that I’m letting people down/being judged bc I should be able to cope with stressors and anxiety. Just writing this is a huge step for me. Not really coming to terms with it. I feel like I need to be the “strong “ one. I hide it and put on a facade
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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi, welcome Sezi

So, you are working in the health field and occasionally you are becoming anxious to the point whereby you are reaching out. Can I ask you what the triggers are if you know them, any topics? like finances, relationships or work oriented?

On a basic front there are self help measures you can do and although helpful they pale into less significance than therapy, I think you know that anyway.

Sometimes we get to a stage in life when we need to get our house in order. Meaning have a cleanout so we can kick start our lives with new vigor. This can entail -

  • budgeting and planning for less financial stress
  • Revisiting relationships those toxic that have brought you down especially since childhood
  • Career change or workplace change.
  • A holiday
  • Reconnecting to earth eg camping even overnight
  • Relaxation

I've selected a few threads you can read. Just read the first post of each.





That's a start. There are thousands of these threads on this site, just enter the topic in the search bar at the top of the page.

Let me know how you got on. In the meantime the muscle tensioning exercises are a good start.


Hi WhiteKnight. Thank you for replying. I don’t know what all my triggers are. I know one is trying to say yes to a date, I’ve been in abusive relationships in the past-my last one ended up in court for DVO.

Other triggers I don’t know, it kind of just be ok then not ok. Some people have commented/asked if I am ok as my mood swings range all over the place for no reason at all.

Some social functions can set me off and I’m usually fairly quiet at these or find excuses not to attend or to leave early or find a quiet corner and hide.

I will have a look at some of these links that you have sent me.

white knight
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Community Champion

Thanks for replying Sezi,

Moods swings and anxiety is an odd mix, not that I'm a professional medical person. I started off with anxiety as a teenager, then it climaxed at 31yo with panic attacks. Then years later depression then bipolar was a diagnosis and that has mood swings.

Sounds like a good time to visit your GP and get a referral for a diagnosis. What do you think?


I just have no idea how to bring it up. Or when I’m there my head goes completely blank or I just bring something else up or I cancel.

TonyWK. I have gone through the links that you have advised and found some helpful. Thank you so much for that.

I also wrote down on paper what I’m feeling and what I’m here for and gave that to my GP as I couldn’t speak it aloud. She is a lovely dr and it took me ages to find a gp that I like. She has referred me to see a psychologist which I have overcome that obstacle and booked in. She has also started me on some meds just to help me through till I can learn all the tools.

I have been more open to the ppl in my life and letting them know and found some support, however don’t have some support by a certain family member that I usually rely on 😔. That makes me feel quite down on it. But thinking that he doesn’t understand as he hasn’t been through it/or is part of his generation. I’m not sure but do wish he could understand

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Blue Voices Member

Hi Sezi,

I plan to become a doctor so I know all about how it feels to feel like you have to be the strong one. However one thing I've learnt is we can't heal people if we aren't 100% feeling well ourselves. Yes healthcare is a noble profession, but you are still only human and it isn't weak to speak up. I've recently learnt from speaking up myself that it actually is a marker of strength and people respect you for it. In time, you will also feel empowered for doing so.

Wishing you all the best in your journey. Feel free to keep us updated on your progress if you wish.