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Hi! I've joined BB to find support for the exhaustion that is my life. I've been strong for so long I'm out of strength.😩
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Champion Alumni

Hi June Summer, can I offer you a warm welcome you to the forums and appreciate your comment.

It's not easy to post your first thread, because there are times when you draft a letter to post but then think about what you have written down and then decide that it's not appropriate, but to us, it means so much, it tells us of the struggle you are going through.

Don't be afraid to mention what you are struggling with, we have been through our own type of depression, we understand what you are trying to say.

We don't criticise anybody on this forum only offer our experience and advice and hope to help you.

Hope to hear back from you, and I'm sorry that I start very early in the morning but will see your reply.

I do hope others can get back to you this afternoon, but I'll be there as well.

My Best.


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Hi June

Welcome to BB and for reaching out here. Do you know what is causing your exhaustion? Eg are you sleeping ok? It sounds like you really need some support as you say you have been trying to stay strong for so long. Do you see a GP or medical professional? Also it might be worth having your physical health checked out as there might be some other reason for your exhaustion rather than mh issues. A GP can also set up a mental health plan for you if you need to see a medical professional.

Hope this is of some help. All the best