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Dealing with anxiety/depression thoughts

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Hi Everyone,

this is my first time reaching out to anyone while I’ve been dealing with some anxiety, depression and bad thoughts.
I haven’t truly felt like anyone is able to understand what I’ve been going through so I’d thought I would try here. I feel like friends and family won’t truly take it serious or understand my thoughts.
I don’t feel comfortable sharing too much right now but this is what I feel is necessary at this time.

For a couple months now I’ve been battling with the feelings of loneliness, no one truly caring for me, the lack of interest in my life and the inability to have someone there for me when I need someone. I’ve been having troubles sleeping and having bad dreams due to my anxieties even though I’ve tried meditating at night and the headspace app, however this does not truly help me. I do have good days but for the last week or so I’ve been having more bad days than good.

Just wanting to reach out to anyone who has been through/going through the same things and if they have any advice to try and deal with these issues.

thank you to anyone who can help and for listening/reading as well.


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Hello R.J.H, welcome to the forums.

You are not alone when you are feeling like this but very sorry that you are experiencing this and it's not easy for other people to understand how or why this is happening, especially if we pretend that everything isn't too bad, although still struggling.

As you mention you are trying to deal with anxiety, depression as well as having bad thoughts and having any good days may not be what you are used to before all of this started, I'm sorry.

There is much involved in what you've said, although I'm not qualified to say, but know from experience, so if I could begin with anxiety and these bad thoughts maybe caused by having intrusive thoughts which can be addressed by a psychologist, someone who understands what you are struggling with.

We'd like to know how you feel about this.

Best wishes.


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Hi R.J.H, welcome.

I'm really sorry. I'm lonely too. We care for you here. I have nightmares and flashbacks too. I hope you're ok, I relate to what you said. You're not alone.

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I a fair idea about what your going through mate , similar to myself

your not alone and there are plenty of places to reach out to ( right here for example ) and well done for that .

Are you keeping your busy ?

I find the more I keep myself busy the less I dwell on things .... excercise walking , riding a bike , going to MacDonalds for a cheap coffee , just a change of sceanary and some physical excercise really helps with the sleep issues ....

also a quiet consultation with a councillor can help and there is links to qualified online councillors through this web page ...that have helped me

try to stay positive mate and find something that works for you

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Hi booots,

I've been trying to keep busy with exercise and sport. I’ll try and do things on my own as I try and rely on friends that are usually busy.

thank you for the suggestions, hope you are going well too.

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Hi Geoff,

I appreciate the response and suggestions.

Hope you are well too.

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Hi mb20lover,

hope you are going well, it’s always good to know that others have an understanding to many situations.

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Thank you, and I'll be ok