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I was diagnosed with ptsd a few years ago as well as depression and anxiety. Mostly I am doing really well but in times of stress I find I just don't cope. These covid lockdowns are getting really tough. I'm grateful to be tucked away safe and sound but trying to keep my mental health in check is a challenge. It doesn't help at all the my husband just doesn't understand. He is supportive in all other ways but when it comes to understanding my mental health concerns he just turns off or gets cranky about it. I feel guilty when I feel like this knowing others are doing it much harder than I am. I'm just not sure how to get out of this funk.
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Hi Tee,

I also suffer from ptsd myself so can understand what your going through. Im glad that your husband is supportive of you mostly. I have found that people who havent experienced mental health themselves can find it hard to be empathetic when mental health plays a bigger role in our lives like affecting how we cope day to day or react to certain situations. Also everyone experiences things differently, so try not to compare yourself to others even though i know thats quite difficult to do.

Do you have any supports in place such as a psychologist or would you be willing to see a psychologist? Sometimes we need the extra support of mental health professionals too

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Community Champion

Hi Tee21,

Wellcome to our forums!

Sorry you are feeling this way, I understand I had severe anxiety OCD…. It was exhausting…. I have now recovered from this condition thanks to the help of professionals I don’t know we’re I would be today without their help…….

Sorry your husband isn’t very understanding of your condition….. I think people who haven’t experienced mental health can’t empathise what we are going through unless they have been there themselves…. We can only hope that they just support us with no judgment…

Do you see any health professionals now?

we are here to talk to you on these forums….. 😊

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Champion Alumni

Hello Tee, there might be different degrees to how people are trying to cope with their mental illness, but as soon as you compare yourself to somebody else who doesn't suffer from it, then we are all in the same boat.

Those that don't understand or comprehend what this illness can do to us, has little knowledge of the strength and the power as it takes control of us, is clearly a problem we all have to face, unfortunately.

We aren't and can not be the person we once were, simply because along the way, that's what has caused us to break down, and if we do try and resurrect ourselves from the past, then there's every chance you may not get any better and then affect your relationship.

The same applies if your partner becomes cranky then how are you supposed to get better, very difficult, if not impossible.

Can I suggest you read the many comments that have been posted, just to make you feel as though you aren't alone, and we would definitely hope to hear back from you.


Thank you for your kind words. I do have extra supports in place. The past week has been a lot better and I seem to be able to function and ask for help so much easier when I'm not so dark. I will keep trying to be positive!