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Can't step out of your triangle due to anxiety.

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Does anyone else have trouble stepping out of the triangle. Your Triangle maybe like this: home,where you work and visting parents. But once u try and step out of that triangle your anxiety goes thought the roof. That is me
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Heya Tinkerbell,

Warm welcome to the forums. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the forums.

Would you be able to further elaborate on your anxiety when you step out of your triangle? Is it the fear of trying new things out only to fail? Or is it the fear of being judged by others for doing something different other than your usual home, work and visiting your parent? Just would like to seek clarification and further understanding on how you're feeling whenever your anxiety triggers from stepping out of your triangle.

Rest assure, the forum is a safe place for you to discuss about anything that's on your mind, and there are a lot of supportive and friendly people who can help you without any judgement. Always here for you Tinkerbelll, hope to hear more from you soon!


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Tinkerbell,

Wellcome to our forums!

Sorry you are feeling this way with your anxiety.

I understand anxiety I had severe anxiety OCD, I’ve now recovered from this condition…

With my experience with anxiety it was always constantly at me…….. the one thing I decided to do was to stop running from it and to turn around and face it head on! If my anxiety told me not to do something…. I’d do it …… I learned if we listen to our anxiety and stop doing the things we want to do it only reinforces our anxiety!

The triangle you talk about…….. try to break out of it…… defy your anxiety….. don’t let it stop you from doing the things you want to do…….

Have you spoken to a professional about your anxiety? If it’s affecting your life I highly recommend you do….. you could do a mental health plan with your gp this will then enable you to see a psychologist…. Who can give you many strategies for your anxiety…..

here to chat 😊