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This might be a stupid question - but the topic came up in a thread and now I'm curious.

Is there a way that we would be able to share artwork on this site?  I know a lot of people like to paint, draw, write creative pieces or take photographs to help them deal with the things they go through.  I know I like to write and take photos.  Is there a way we can show each other what we create to get us the through the day?  I know they would still have to be monitored like our forum posts are, but I think it would be so cool to see someone's painting or read their short story.

Would something like that be possible?  Or is it too ambitious? 

-Scorch : )

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Scorch,

Unfortunately the forums allow for text-only input at the moment, but members would be welcome to submit a link to a blog or page where they upload their artwork or photographs to.  This would still have to be moderated, though, with the external link having to meet our community rules.  This includes things like having personal contact information on your page.

Stories and poems are fine to submit on the forums here and are also subject to the regular community rules.

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Thanks Chris,

I appreciate the feedback 🙂  It is food for thought. 


I just read your post , I see it’s from 2014

2021 , As you can see , I have put my own artwork in as my thumb nail

I really love your idea thought , I wonder if you could do a website with the idea 💡

I haven’t a clue if your even get to read this , but I do love your picture photo , kool 😎

And thanks for the people that read and check all posts to make sure it’s a safe place for everyone and no rules are broken , I appreciate this site and YOU Avery much .Thanks ❤️