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Anxious about the covid-19 vaccine

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Hello, i am anxious about getting the vaccine (I have PTSD and Anxiety with phobias), i also have many auto immune conditions. In the past i have reacted badly to the flu vaccine and really don't want to get the covid-19 vaccine. I feel like i am being pressured into getting by businesses saying they wont let you in if you aren't vaccinated, also media is constantly talking about it it seems that all that is being talked about is the vaccine. I want to get a medical exemption but can't find anyone in South Australia that will give me one. My anxiety is off the scale at the moment i am not sleeping, i am afraid to go outside, my stomach is constantly sore with the worry. I am looking for help please.
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello LPW,

A very warm and caring welcome to the forums....

I went through what you’re going through right now about the COVID vaccine....

I have some heart disease and asthma as well as PTSD, depression and anxiety....I spoke to my Dr. about my fears of the astra Zeneca jab...a lot telling her I will have it at my next appointment...then it was the next one after that appointment..it went on for a few months...

I ended up making myself sick with my anxiety...not stopping of thinking about it...Then on one visit I had had enough of my anxiety, not sleeping and the constant thoughts about having it...so when she asked me again if I wanted the vaccination I said yes...and I let her give it to me...

My anxiety stayed with me a few days..constantly listening with my head doing body scans repeatedly, that all settled down after a couple of weeks and have now been fully vaccinated for over a month....Having the vaccine has made me feel a lot safer when I need to go out for shopping...but I am still very cautious..wearing my mask, sanitising my hands before I go into a shop and again after..plus when I get in my car....

If you can...have a good talk to your Dr...and let him/her know of any fears you have about the vaccine...maybe with understanding the benefits of having the jab....you might feel less anxious...

My kindest thoughts dear LPW...


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello LPW*,

In the first instance, keep talking to your GP, Book a long appointment. if you need, take a letter or list of your concerns, so you don't forget or become nervous about asking anything. No questions you might want to ask are stupid or silly.

I really struggle with these things.

I have to keep trying, though, because if I don't my questions and concerns never get answered. I go on worrying, day after day, week after week, month after month... I'm sure yu know how that feels.

I've been trying to find a phone number for SA's Health for people to phone if they have any questions, such as you do. I didn't find that. But, there is the National number 1800 020 080. I had phoned them once. I realised I must remember, if it is necessary, to be clear about where I am, because I had been given a phone number for the wrong state. Phoned back and got the right number I needed.

Be warned, you will likely hear some pre-recorded message about getting vaccinated.

I'm sorry I cannot help you more. I hope someone else who reads your post will.

You are welcome to come and chat anytime.


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Champion Alumni

Hello LPW, can I also offer you a warm welcome along with Grandy and mmMekitty.

Unfortunately, the media have done a good job scaring the media and then trying to turn it around into wanting people to be vaccinated, but the damage has been done to those who don't want it and understandably.

The trouble is the way it's all going, people will need a card saying they have been vaccinated before they are allowed into venues or perhaps their employer will require it as well to hold your income.

The injection you don't feel anything and you can't presume that you will have any side-effects and if by chance you do, they last only a few hours and it's only happened to one person I know compared to the many who didn't have any effects.

Can I ask what your phobia is about?


Mark Z.
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi LPW*,

I can tell that it's very challenging for you.

The vaccine is safe, and yes, some industries are mandating vaccination due to the nature of their workplace which has more risk of spreading the virus. It's an employee's obligation to protect themself and protect other co-workers. Having had bad reaction to flu vaccine doesn't mean you will have bad reaction to covid vaccine.

However, as the vaccination may cause great anxiety to you, my suggestion is to consult your GP first. Do you have a trusted GP? Make sure you have received enough knowledge about the covid vaccine, then make your own decision. If you still don't want the vaccination then discuss with your GP about the possibility of exemption.