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Anxiety symptoms, IT DOES GET BETTER!

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Hi everyone

hear to tell you that those symptoms will go away! 6th October 2018 is when my symptoms started. I had been very stressed for no good reason for about a year prior. After a night out I came back home and smoked weed ( I have been 100% clean ever since and will continue to do so ) straight away it felt like I had a band around my head and the back of my head was completely numb, I didn’t think much of it and went to sleep. Woke up in the morning and noticed it was still their, I realised that something was wrong straight away. My headache was like no other I could barely see it was so painful. started getting panic attacks for no reason at all. My body would react to anything I was watching or hearing, my body would go completely numb and felt like I had butterflies in chest. My bodies fight or flight response was out of control, Can’t forgot the heart palpitations and head pressure. I thought my life was over nothing was making me feel better I thought I would never feel normal again. But for my loved ones I had to get better because it was effecting them even more. Despite everything I knew I was still in there. I started training again after 2 weeks at home full body workout high intensity every day I was forced to quit my job that I already hated. I took the time to get my self back. Month past and I lost my grandmother it hurt a lot but I needed to stay focused. Slowly the symptoms started fading, panics attack went first then the numbness in my head and body the intense Migraine and depersonalisation also left. Within the first 6 months its about 10 months down now, im a week away to starting my business and a new life with my girlfriend, friends and loving family. I now only have generalised anxiety which I’ve lived with my whole life and have dealt with. My only symptom remaining is the head pressure that comes and goes, I just ignore it now I know it will go.

Dont sit around feeling sorry for your self you need to get up and fight. Fight for your self and for your life. My new life is 100x better than my old one, I am more focused and Hungry than I’ve ever been. This whole journey was a blessing in disguise. Learn to laugh at your symptoms this is your mind and body take control the more scared you are the worse it becomes, be brave! Show anxiety who’s boss and that you will not be a prisoner in your own mind!

Thanks for taking the time and reading my story I hope you find this helpful and motivates you all to fight back.

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Community Champion

Hi Gianni,

welcome to beyond blue.

Thanks for telling your story, We sometimes need to read these stories to give ourselves (read me) and others hope. For myself, my journey is ongoing. For how long, I don't know. Spoke about this at the last session with my psychologist. Resolved to compare my journey with the story of Monkey (Journey to the West) - a life of ups and downs but will get to the end when the time is right.

Hope to see you around the forums,