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Anxiety can it really be causing this

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About a month ago i started having huge panic attacks...they went on for a while then stopped. Then out of the blue i started getting really violent twitching under my right eye, then it started above my eye also, then i got another twitch in my face then another. I went to the dr she said fatigue, anxiety, stress. Ok. Fair enough. But its been two weeks now and some days they arent there others its all day. I’m so afraid of them. I suffer from anxiety, depression and i have severe health anxiety. So this is fueling that anxiety. Ive convinced myself that I’m going to die of some rare and awful disease. How can i stop this? I’m living on medication which isn’t good but i dont know what else to do...Shanny
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Community Champion

Hi Shanny,

Thank you for your post and I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through. It can be the hardest thing dealing with anxiety about health issues and so much harder when anxiety is giving you health issues! Whether that's twitches, pains or aches. It can get to be a little bit of a vicious cycle because we get anxiety > symptoms > more anxiety > symptoms and on and on.

You did mention your GP and your medication, do you have a counsellor as well? This can be really helpful in teaching you some tools to cope and helping to remind you that this is not anxiety.

I also encourage you to have a look through the anxiety threads and jump in there (if you haven't already) so you can chat with others who are in the same boat too. If you search "facial" up the top it should show you some other posts of other people with anxiety with facial twitches as well.

Hope this helps