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Adult Son Mental Issues

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We have a adult son (32) who we suspect is suffering from BPD. He has been like this for the last 10 years and seems to be getting worse. If you push a point with him he will tell you he is about to explode and seems to go into a psychosis state for a short time but is able to stop if needed. He has not been diagnosed as he says there is nothing wrong other than depression because he cant see his daughter, it is everyone else. We tread on eggshells around him and when talking on the phone and have tried to tell him to see a medical person. The only thing the Dr gave him when he did go was an antidepressant which did not do anything. He suffers terrible anxiety when we visit, so we don't see him very often. His mood swings change from minute to minute and he will cling on to something you say and turn it around. He is unable to keep a job and has a 5 year old daughter that his ex wont let him see unless I am there. She also has a VRO against him. We have moved away so we can have some sanity however he says he is so lonely and feels abandoned. How do we convince him to get help in the right direction. I have had advice that you have to wait until he reaches rock bottom but he never does. He is actually seeing a corrections Psychologist today but they are not interested in diagnosing just seeing if he is sane enough to attend a violence course. Please any advice would be appreciated particularly with parents in the same boat. There is so much more I could say but I think you get the gist.
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welcome to the unit. Well done for starting this thread.

I am sorry your son refuses any help.I am wondering when you say BPD do you mean

Borderline Personality Disorder

or Bipolar Disorder.?

Do you feel thst getting a diagnosis will help your son..?

I have had lived with a mental illness for over 40 years and have had a child who would not tell me that they were not coping.

When I was in my teens and late 20 s I was in denial and felt my parents and others had a problem. Meanwhile my life was chaotic as I careered from one mood to another.

It is hard on you and I would like to see you getting help and support if you have not already. There are self help groups counsellors,websites and support help lines.

There is support and you are not alone .i