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A super long introduction!

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Things have been a little rough for me of late, and over the last two weeks things are just seeming to go downhill.

A little over a week ago my good friend and his partner sat down with me as they had mentioned they have become concerned recently and have noticed changes in mood, and things I usually do.

Its good that they did, because that is what prompted me to come here, otherwise I may not of taken this step had they not bought it up with me!

So far I have organised for a few pamphlets to be sent to me so I can read up on things a bit further, as I don't think I would be confident just yet speaking to a gp about this (my old gp is in my home town and I haven't actually seen one since I moved here which makes me a little more hesitant as I would be talking to a stranger)

I must admit over the last few months my mood and outlook and a few other things have changed dramatically, i have become more distant towards my friends and my partner, i haven't gone out and done the activities that i would usually do in my spare time, my yard and garden are slowly turning into the jungle they once were, i haven't gone out to play with my r.c cars in almost 3 months, an activity which i would usually do a few times weekly. I just don't seem to have patience lately and i have found myself getting increasingly frustrated with things to the point i have many times gone out and driven so i can be alone when i know i shouldn't even be behind the wheel.

As i mentioned i have become a little more distanced from my usual routines, family and friends, i have also found myself spending more time away from home going for drives and finding quiet places to sit and be alone, even my publican popped in to my house last week knowing i wasn't working and had a chat to me about my changes that he had noticed, we have been good friends for a while as well.

Anyway few weeks ago i left my old casual job i have been doing since the start of this year to get back into the industry i originally worked in and i love, nursery/horticulture.

My last job in the industry finished 8 years ago due to the drought and since then i have always dreamed of returning.

Monday was my first day at my new full time nursery job, awesome place, awesome people, super close to home as well, however, even this just doesn't seem right/satisfying anymore. This is what has really made it obvious to me in the last 6 days that things are not right.

Anyway I'm running out of space now, 

Thanks for reading!

Star pup.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

That's great news about your results,  im glad there was nothing serious. 

You've considered so much in your plan to get well and stay well, you should be really proud:) 

I hope you'll keep us updated with your progress.