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Worried for a loved one

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Hi everyone.

Someone I love dearly is struggling with life, she has for years but the last 5 have been getting gradually harder for her, she’s in her early 20’s and has been self harming for years, she cries regularly on a daily basis and leaving the house is almost impossible lately.

she has just quit her job as she can’t handle her crippling depression and anxiety, she has dropped out of tafe for the same reason, she’s now going to be cut off Centrelink because she can’t work or study.

She has been trying to find a psych to talk to but they either move or she gets hand balled to someone else, there’s been no one consistent and no one she trusts which is so important to her or she won’t go to appointments.

she is on meds but I’m not sure how well they are working for her, does she need a gp and a psych to prescribe her meds? Ultimately she needs to see one person that she can talk to and call if she needs and to work with her meds until she finds one that works, someone who can offer her advice and knows the system, does that role exist? The less appointments with different people the better as it’s so hard for her to get to them.

she has no money for rent, or at all, she can hardly leave the house, she’s surffering so much and I don’t know how to help her, I don’t know the system and how it works?

How do you get Centrelink when you are crippled by anxiety? Is that a thing and what do you need to be eligible?

Any advice would be great, All I want is for her not to hurt, she needs a break from stressing about money and going to work, she needs time to sort herself out and have a break from the mental strain.

thankyou in advance.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hello Mishkii, thanks for posting your comment.

I'm sorry for how your friend is, it's an awful feeling for all she is going through and a GP has to prescribe the medication, psychologists can't, but psychiatrists can.

What you could do is sign a document with her giving you permission to contact Centrelink and the job agency so that she won't lose any payments.

I'll just post this now as I have to go out.