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I'm looking for a physicist who deals with children. Mainly my 16 yr old daughter. She is having mood swings, high then low, panic attacks, forgetting even the simplest of things. I myself suffer from depression, and there Is bipolar and depression in her mothers side of the family. I want someone to look at her and possibly give me a diagnosis of what could possibly be going on with her. We live in eastern Victoria, and have been given 4 different places to try and each one say they dont deal with children. The only place  is just way too far to be practical. Can anyone suggest where we could find something suitable?

Regards Rick

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Hello Rick

Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum. I don't live in Victoria so cannot give you a direct contact. However I suggest you look on the beyondblue directories. Go to the top of the page and look under Get Support. There is a link which will take to to a number of directories for various medical professionals.

The link will show psychologists and psychiatrists. There is also a link to these professional bodies. The Australian Psychological Society lists their members and you can search by the issues you want to address.

Similarly you can search the psychiatrists professional body.

Failing that I suggest you contact the Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 available 24/7. They may be able to direct you to an appropriate service. They are also a good resource to talk about your child and her needs. She may like to talk to them herself. Kids Helpline caters for people up to 25 so it's not just for very young children. They also have a service for parents to talk about their concerns.

I think you should find a suitable professional in these locations. I hope you do and all turns out well.


Hi Rick68, thanks for posting.  White Rose has provided some good suggestions, you can also try our support service on 1300 22 4636 - we are unfortunately unable to provide specific referrals here on the forums.