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Has anyone spent anytime with their partner at a retreat for some time out

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Wondering if anyone has taken some time out to face their marriage problems head on and the associated depression and alcoholism that is possibly the cause... my beautiful neighbours are about to call it quits and I would love to see them go somewhere with no kids or distractions for maybe 2 weeks together where they can get some daily professional help to see if they can get through this and if not how to go about dissolving it in the most amicable way possible for the whole family - it’s so sad to watch and they r both at their wits end - any advice on retreats in nsw or interstate would be great Thanks
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Community Champion

Dear JC123~

I guess your neighbors are lucky to have such a concerned friend. It is always sad to see families break up, perhaps in this case it is the alcohol problem that needs addressing first. Maybe you can persuade them to seek help with that.

I'm afraid here in the Forum we don't normally recommend specific retreats, however perhaps you can suggest to your neighbors to ring our 24/7 Help Line on 1300 22 4636 which may be able to advise what support services are available in your area.