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10 year old daughter

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Hi all my 10 year old daughter is having anxiety panic attacks that just started over the last 3 days. They make her want to go to the toilet very often and times where goes straight back in after she has been. She is in tears and doesnt want to travel or go out 😞 i use to get attacks like this but somewhat manage it now but not sure how to help her as she says nothing is helping. We think it has to do with her dream she had where someone broke into the house and has a fear now of this occurring where she asks if everything is checked before bed and any little noises she yells out if it was us moving. Its now impacting her day and sleep (and ours). Just after some advice as we're stuck what to do ☹ we'll be trying to get her to a psychologist as soon as we can get her in... but need some help in the interim. Any advice is very muchh appreciated. Thanks M
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Hi Goingtogetbetter,

I'd like to suggest that you call Beyondblue on 1300 22 4636 or Lifeline on 13 11 14 and ask for help and advice.

Somehow you need to reassure your daughter that everything will be okay. It may help to sit her down quietly, take her through some deep breathing exercises to help calm her down and encourage her to tell you what the problem is, while all trying to stay calm.

Maybe she needs to be held and reassured. Distractions might help her, put on a favourite movie, prepare her favourite snacks, reassure her everything is going to be okay.

If you do need to go out, encourage her to join you and take a change of clothes just in case they are needed.

If you are really concerned, see if there is a DR available close to you for an emergency visit or all into the hospital emergency department if she becomes really bad.

Hopefully some of this will help and you can get the help you need quickly.

Cheers for now from Dools

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
hi Goingtogetbetter, this must be very concerning not only for you but certainly for your 10 year old daughter.
What she may have is the beginning of OCD which is linked to anxiety and that's certainly a worry, so in the interim you could call Reachout and/or Headspace, these people are trained but young people who only dress up in jeans, so they are definitely not professional looking, in other words they don't dress up in a coat and tie, which would frighten a young child.
There is an online test for OCD, but it won't work if you have to ask her the questions which are displayed on the pc screen, and I only say this because she maybe frightened to answer them.
Just a question as she is afraid f someone being in the house, does she check the locks several times.
Please let me know I would be interested thanks. Geoff.

Thanks dools.. weve tried to calm her down and talk but she gets worked up and is just frustrated with feeling the need to go as you would be. Im feeling crap as its the same syptoms i have and feel for her ☹

my wife and i just dont know what to do but will try beyond blue first. It seemed to start when she dodnt feel well so not sure if its related but now it appears somewhat psychological and last 3 days havent been to sleep until 1am.

Thanks geoff i ll check with them.

she does feel that someone might break in at night. Weve been going to bed earlier (not sleeping but just watching tv in bed) so tonight were going to start to stag up so feel might feel bit better knowing were up.

the feeling she gets to gl to the batthroom is happening all through the day. She goes ok for a but as pushing through it and then it just goes back to going frequently and getting frustrated and annoyed. Its making us all upset as hate seeing her like this