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Feeling Down and Alone

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Lately I have been feeling so alone and like I am wondering through life by myself. It makes me feel as if I could disappear and nobody would notice or care that much, which is when I start to think negative thoughts. I know it isn’t the answer but my mind always goes there and it is so hard to pick myself back up again once I am down the rabbit hole.

I was in a very toxic relationship, which ended a few years ago, but I lost all my friends during the process. I have a hard time making friends so I don’t currently have any that I can turn to. My husband tries to help, but he doesn’t understand and eventually just gets frustrated with me. My sister is having her first baby and that is all my family care about . Nothing else matters but the baby, and I’m so happy for her, but I feel like she is leaving me behind and moving on with her own seperate family.

It is so hard dealing with something like this and not having a support system. I feel selfish asking for help as my family have their own lives. I just wish I had people to turn too.

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Welcome to the forums and thank you for your honest and open post. We can hear that you are having a really tough time at the moment, we want you to know that it is ok not to feel ok and that you have done an amazing thing by reaching out to us here on the forums. Thank you for being brave and reaching out for support, that is an incredible step towards feeling better.
We think that it would be worth giving us a call on 1300 22 4636 to talk through these thoughts and feelings. It can be scary, but out wonderful team can talk to you about strategies for when you are feeling low as well as talk about how you get other support in the community. You can also call our friends at Lifeline 13 11 14 or Men's Line 1300 789 978
If you prefer, there are also a number of webchat options if talking on the phone doesn’t work for you. They are not all 24/7 but you can check out these links if you want to try it that way:
Beyond Blue: https://online.beyondblue.org.au/WebModules/Chat/InitialInformation.aspx
Lifeline: https://www.lifeline.org.au/get-help/online-services/crisis-chat

We also really recommend speaking to a GP about how you are feeling too. It can be hard to open up, but they are experts in helping people to feel as well as they can. Lockdown is a really tough time and opening up to a GP is a great way to build a plan for feeling better.
Thank you again for your post today, it is an amazing thing to have done. Please feel free to update us on how you are feeling, if you are comfortable, or jump in to some other conversations on the site.
Kind regards,
Sophie M

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Blue Voices Member

Hello Jo_Banana, and a warm welcome to the site, and know that it's not easy to post a comment that you might have been sitting on for quite a while, either altering what you've said, deleting it or just walking away from your computer, but this takes courage.

Having negative thoughts seem to be dominant when someone isn't feeling well and may not have been for some time, so any good news from another person seem to overtake a person who is struggling, this is when they feel helpless.

There are support groups you can contact but pleased you have joined the site with many different people who understand what you've told us and want to help you.

Sure your family have their own life, but so do you, and at the moment, it's you who needs the assistance because when you feel positive much can happen that won't affect a change in mood, but when you feel negative, there's not much that can excite you, especially when they aren't able to know how to do this.

Ask your doctor about 'the mental health plan' this entitles you to 10 paid Medicare sessions to talk with someone you feel comfortable talking to, and while you are sitting down by yourself, write down the points that begun this negative feeling, it's much easier for your doctor to read these points than you trying to explain everything to them, because you may miss something.

Please get back to us when you are available.