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Who else likes gardening?

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Valued Contributor

Hi everyone

I hope you're staying well today.

Who else likes gardening? I would love to connect with people here who are happy to share their gardening adventures.

For me I know that gardening helped heal my soul during tough times. I hope it will again.
Then with other things going on, it became a jungle.
I'm part way into rediscovering it again and doing A LOT of hard yakka atm, when I am motivated.

I have new dreams and ideas to put into the many bare places, as I remove thickets of lantana etc. This will all be on a tight budget and I'm ok with that.

I want to create a peaceful place where I can be.
I would like to grow food again (tell 'er she's dreamin' atm lol).
I would like to re-establish my worm farms and compost heaps.
Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year in the garden.

I'm 'alone' in my gardening journey and would love to share and hear about other's gardening antics. Hopefully we can troubleshoot any issues in our gardens and talk about any healing we're feeling too. There's a lot of knowledge we can share. I hope this thread can brighten your day!

Love Ecomama


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Valued Contributor

Hi all,

Just thought I’d say I’m thinking of you all here especially when it’s such a difficult time for some.

Even those who read this and haven’t posted - I hope you find comfort in reading about plants and gardens (and gardeners) here. Sometimes just the sight or smell of a lovely flower or some beautiful foliage, or rich compost, can help our hearts I think. And it’s been lovely to connect with others here.


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Valued Contributor

I gifted myself some strawberry plants! They have such beautiful pink flowers.

I was going to plant them in some old drawers but realised the bottoms of the drawers are chipboard so wouldn’t last long.

So I’m looking around for something else I can use for pots to put them in.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Lilly Pilly!

You're so sweet saying that to those going through rough times, it's what brought us ALL here at some point!

Hey peeps just reading, WE MISS YOU! lol, come join us!

Don't you just LOVE the yummy smell of rich fresh, well rotted compost?

It smells like it's just rained. Gardening Australia comperes have said things like, couldn't you just curl up in it? LOL!

I got to pull out some HUGE weeds today and it was fun.

Your new strawberry plants sound so beautiful. Little pink flowers awwww. The drawers idea you had sounds great actually! Do you need borders or to plant them into containers?
Tbh the chipboard might help keep any grass and weeds OUT of the strawberry patch for a while anyway.

Pinterest has some great strawberry planter ideas. Bit of fussing and we have lots of unwanted building supplies in our garden to use.
I loved the "Strawberry Tower" idea I saw there.

I've also seen them being grown in old jeans! Old gum boots too lol... whatever flicks your switches. I once used my old leather gardening boots to plant in.

I hope the perfect containers come your way.

Btw it's STILL raining here, our garden is soaked.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi all my gardening can wait I am feeling a bit flat today.Strwberry plants with pink flowers sound nice.Mine just have the normal white flowers on them and I planted a few different varieies for my son who loves them.

Happy gardening,


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Valued Contributor

Hey Mark

How you doing now?

I rested alot today in between cleaning up. Had 2 naps!


Tomorrow morning I'm taking my dog for a walk to the Community Garden around the corner.

It's hard not having alot of veg growing in my garden atm, lol sound spoilt don't I?

But for many years I did. So I want to do a happy, replacement thing and utilise those veg growing in the CG.

I think I have nice things to gather from my garden. Probably a bowl full of cherry tomatoes and some lemons and limes. Not sure what else, guess I'll see tomorrow!

I plan on making an Asian soup for dinner tomorrow night with an array of veg found in all places including my fridge!

We have lots of leftover meats so I think I'll put some turkey in there to use it up.

An omelette for brekky with ham, tomatoes, spring onions and cheese thrown in. I only have 1 chicken laying an egg when she feels like it lol remember they're rescue (battery) hens, so were only taken in by us to give them a peaceful retirement. No pressure to lay eggs!
But we have plenty of eggs atm.

I can hear the frogs croaking in the fresh rain water they love.
A sweet sound to fall asleep to.

Nighty night everyone!


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi Em I have woken up that tired and I might manage a walk around the garden and and a lay day on the couch on front of the tv will be my day.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey Mark, rest up dear friend.

Do the kids come back to yours soon?

I can imagine they're always full of energy!

We have a clear blue sky for the first time in ages and it feels kind of strange lol.

My tanks are full!

The cicadas are singing happily.

My elephant ear plants have sprung back after being pecked away by the birds down to almost nothing.

My neighbour is using her electric lawn mower this morning quite early lol! It's not as noisy as the petrol powered ones but I can hear it getting bogged in the soggy soil, so she may give up soon.

I was thinking of buying an electric lawn mower, I can't stand the smell of spent petrol.
IDK I barely have any grass atm so don't really see the point just yet.
My whipper snipper does a good job of the tufts of grass here and there.

Does anyone have any plans for their garden to share?

I'm concentrating on gathering a prepping healthy food today.
So a dog walk to the Community Garden soon before it gets too hot.... just feeding the chickens atm.
And a shopping trip to get some bits and pieces including mozzie coils! They're HUGE and hungry lol.

I woke up suddenly about 2am and took my empty glass to the kitchen for more water, checked on the chooks and when I went back to the kitchen... OMG I saw THE hugest spider on my kitchen cupboard... it was as big as my spanned hand...

I felt physically ill at the thought of getting close to it which is not like me... I needed to stay calm, they seem to run away and hide when there's a carry on... I wedged opened the front doors,
got a long handled dust pan and it crawled on to it then as I predicted, began to crawl UP the handle....

Erghhhh it's long stripy, hairy legs moving quickly... I threw the whole thing in the front garden.

Can't see it this morning thank goodness.

Hope you all have a great day!

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi all,

It was almost cool outside yesterday. Did some much-needed weeding.

Glad to hear your tanks are full EM. Must be a good feeling.

I realised I have a couple of old laundry baskets I could plant the strawberry plants into, if I put holes in the bottom. I still need to get potting mix.

Hope you’re having a good rest Mark.

Someone a street up from us was having an all-night party last night. Usually I’m understanding of the season and all but this one had the heavy base going all night right up until 4am. So much more difficult to go back to sleep in the wee hours.

Sleep is so important. I find it hard to understand why you’d want to deprive anyone of it. Maybe they can sleep through anything and think others can too?

That was a bit of a rant sorry 😛

Would love to hear what you find at the Community Gardens, EM. Hope your walk calms the nerves after seeing that spider.

I should look up when my local community garden opens/meets. It will probably give me the planting bug. I don’t have space for vege garden beds, so gradually collecting a few in a cluster of pots that I can easily maintain. I have some rocket and perpetual spinach so far.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey Lilly Pilly

Yeah very inconsiderate of those neighbours, ugh. Police here are pretty tough on all that lol.

We used to have that issue ALL the time in our streets but gratefully all those teens / rowdy ppl must have moved out lol!

I just play Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana and Silver Chair quite loud in the WAKING hours lol.
That mixed with my Christian radio station is my thing.

Oh I hope you'll find that your Community Garden is open 24/7!
We have 3 nearby and they are.

No one has to contribute to the garden work there to TAKE stuff either. Most of the time the volunteers grow heaps in their own gardens - then took their obsession into the Community to share lol.

It got too hot too quickly this morning for my prancing black poodle to be take out in that strong sunshine today, he can't cope with direct sunlight for too long. Maybe it'll cool down around 6pm, I'll see.

Love EM

Community Member

Hey Em,

Serenity-Yes! I have that on my wall. It gets difficult sometimes knowing when to practice the courage bit, and when to invoke the wisdom lol! Nothing really seems to work atm tho so I guess the less said the better. Small steps and all that, which is how I feel about the two girls spending time together.

I'm feeling it today, just down and no motivation for anything. which is fine after christmas I guess. The garden deserves some love soon tho so I hope I bounce back quickly. I planted some new lettuce plants and weeded a smidge a couple days ago, so it's looking better. Not much in place for summer produce tho, and i miss not finding my dinner in the garden.

Whats everyone looking fwd to harvesting over summer?