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What's the best gift you've ever received? Or on your wishlist?

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With Christmas around the corner I'm a little behind on my Christmas shopping (aka have not started and overwhelmed by choices) so I thought maybe I'd ask you all for help.

Is there a Christmas present that really stuck out to you? Something fun you got one year? 🙂 Or, if you're stuck, what's something on your wishlist?


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Valued Contributor

Hello rt,

I used to do volunteer work at a public hospital, & during that time, I'd taken up photography, using an SLR camera, with fun lenses, like extra zoom & extreme close-up add-ons, polarizing, UV filters & such. It was expensive, but prooved to be well worth the money for how much it got me out of my flat.

I had some enlarged & gave them to the Volunteer department, & one Xmas I gave the Day Surgery ward where I had most worked, & had met some great people, the ward clerk in particular. I just wanted to thank them all for how well they treated me even as my mental health was declining. So I made a very large print of one of my favourite pictures for them, had it framed as well. They had it put in the waiting room for people soon to be admitted.

A few months later, my camera broke, & I wasn't sure I could get another one, & all the bits, (compatibility problems between models). I only mentioned I hadn't been out taking more photos because it was not working.

For my Birthday that year, they had gone around & had collected almost $200 & gave it to me. I was overwhelmed by their generosity. & we had cake too! 😻

For me the best gifts come from the heart.

So, last year it was wonderful to go to my Tuesday helper's place for Xmas with her, her hubby, a friends who were unable to to Japan due to COVID-19, & joining in on singing 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' to other family they phoned while I was there.

& this year, for my Birthday, because I couldn't do what I had wanted, I got myself 2nd dose then spent a couple hours playing with my Wednesday helper's 7 Labrador puppies. & cheescake. It was lovely, with her & her hubby, her old auntie, & a friend of theirs, & the three big dogs as well, out in the back yard.

I have thought, how wonderful would it be for someone to write a piece of music for me. I do feel moved by music I know was written for someone in particular. Or a painting, not necessarily a portrait, (I'm not sure I would like that, not liking photos of myself already, even though I can barely see details at all anymore). Something created, I suppose, sewn, knitted, grown, sculpted, baked/cooked, a sound recording, or video, made for me, obviously by the one giving, so the connection is evident. I would love a hand-written card, (if I can feel it, the writing &/drawing I mean).

If you haven't been able to visit someone in a while, this year, I think meeting up would be great, just giving your time.😸


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The best gift I have ever recieved would be my son.

And 1 gift he gave to me was one of those rings that come in a plastic container. From a child's vending machine.

Mark Z.
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Community Champion

The best gift I’ve received recently is a text message, as below:

‘Hi Mark, thank you for your blood donation! This donation was just as vital as all others from you before it. In fact, it could be giving life to someone soon as it's already on its way to Alice Springs Hospital, NT. Thanks, Lifeblood’

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Hello Dear romantic thi3f....and everyone...🤗..

The best gift I got was a few years back now...

My eldest son and partner gifted to me a medium size shopping bag filled with some nice smelling shampoo and conditioner, scented bath salts, a bath bomb, some hand cream, body lotion, soap and a net washing thingy....I appreciated these gifts so much...

Hugs Everyone..


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I haven't done any Christmas shopping either.

If the person likes teas, a small basket with a collection of organic teas is lovely. Tealife website has some yummy ones.

My son is going to start up running again. So we will be getting him a pair of special running shorts where they hold your mobile phone secure etc

There is an organic store near us that sells beautiful hand made organic items such as these chunky coloured pencils... Good for little ones hands. Handsewn little dolls and other toys. Very much appeal to me as they are chemical free.

A yoghurt maker kit... For someone that is into gut health etc

There is tons of different jigsaw puzzles out now. If someone likes those. Even 3D ones. Visiting a games shop can be good.

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Champion Alumni

Hello rt, a very good question, 'my life'.

Take care.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
My life, a second chance, someone saying I love you ❤