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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Everyone

They say it is very easy to be lonely in a room full of people. Or to have lots of 'friends' including Facebook yet actually feel alone.

I am a very gregarious person and seem to fit well into groups, but decided to use the below method a couple of years ago as I felt that I needed more quality friends, with whom I could really share the 'good stuff'.

I came across it a long time ago but had kind of forgotten it. It involves making up a community/village list of people you know who you would feel really sad to not have in your life anymore. I can include parents, partners, family, best mates, old friends, mentors etc.

Then ask yourself when was the last time you either told them you loved them, or really appreciated their friendship, and why? Can be verbally, or in message form, whichever feels right for you. For me, this very simple action actually did wonders to boost connections and trigger deeper conversations. I felt quite powerful not just making the call or sending the message, but found it helped those I connected with in them knowing they are also not alone!

I several cases, rather then just leave it at 'we must catch up sometime', I made sure to actually set a time and place to get together. Some friends had new partners, and my grown kids gave me great feedback after I reached out to them. Of course the overall process took a bit of work but it was enjoyable and I got better at it as it went on.

So now my wife and I get asked out more often and I have some much deeper conversations with friends including when they ask my thoughts on an issue they may have.

I hope this may help someone on our forum a little bit. Very happy to discuss more!

All the very best, The Bro.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi The Bro,

I think this is great to do.

I think it really matters to actually set a day and time in the moment instead of saying we must catch up some time.

I think this idea can enrich a lot of people lives 😊