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Tips on getting out of the house when seriously depressed

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I've noticed that when I'm depressed, which is often, i don't want to do anything. When people ask me to do anything, it makes it worse somehow, often pushing me into suicidal ideation. How do i overcome this? I want to be more active with my 6 year old but i just don't want to do anything
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey Sadmum96, this is a very sad post, I'm sorry that you're feeling this way! Big warm hugs!

I also want to extend an EXTRA warm welcome to the BB forums. I'm so glad you joined!
You'll find that the forums are a safe place for you to share and feel supported. 💜💜

So what's going on for you?
Do you have a partner, family?

I can see you're being invited to go out and you'll find over time that your network can be one avenue helpful towards your recovery.

Tbh, my intuition is telling me that something has happened (or many things) and these are the reasons for you feeling so low atm.

Do you know when we see a Dr and they say you have to take this revolting tasting medicine?
AND we really don't want to lol.... OR when we were at school and not very good at a subject and our teacher said we have to study THAT awful subject more to improve our marks?

OR when we were little and wanted to learn how to ride a bike and we kept crashing, falling off BUT we kept getting back on the bike?

Recovering from depression is NOT all about doing things we don't want to do, not at all, but there will be things you don't want to do that ARE GOOD for you!

So let's begin.... I'll invite you to visit the "Staying Well" section where we have a self-care thread! Please pop over and have peek.

Self-care, even "radical self-care" has been shown by research to be one of the major reasons why people recover from all sorts of Mental Health problems.
Sounds too simple lol I KNOW!
But DOING IT is not so simple for us, that's why I started that thread lol.

I became heavily depressed for along period of time during an extremely abusive marriage.
Gardening ended up being ONE positive thing towards my recovery.

The connections I made, as quirky as they could be sometimes, were also part of my recovery I see now.

Starting with YOU, what nice thing can you do for mum96 today?

When you're ready to share, we'd love you to come back and tell us more.


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Sadmum,

I could have written you post..I’m so sorry that your struggling so much with depression and nil motivation....Depression does that to us..takes away or motivation, happiness, energy and so many more things from us...

Sadmum...I’m wondering if you could start going out, by taking baby steps...Your beautiful son might enjoy a little walk with you..doesn’t matter if it’s just in your yard..if you have one...or a little walk to a few houses away then back again, a park in your area where you can sit down and watch him playing on the playground equipment....just my thoughts, Sadmum....I really do understand how hard that could be to do...and if you can’t that’s okay..just something for you to think about is all...

Is it okay to ask you..if you have any professional care for your depression..if not, would it be something that you might consider?...It’s so hard to try to manage our depression without professional help...

Here for you dear Sadmum...anytime you feel like talking..please do so...we are here to hopefully help talk you through some things that might help you...

My kindest and most caring thoughts...lovely