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need someone to talk to but am ok

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hi everyone


am ok just reaching out.


was just wondering how people know and what they experience to know when it may be time to leave job (close that chapter) and move onto another (start the next chapter).


many of you lot know that am at some point wanting to give up hospitality and move onto other things while still capable and be own boss.


sometimes things happen or dont go how you expect and you tell yourself not much longer or something else and to just try and hang on.


will very likely be giving up hospitality as soon as it sells or closes as have other commitments and responsibilities and other work goals and feel after 14 years. nearly 15 that its time to take a break and move on and concentrate on those.


grandparents are needing help and needing to be able to help when needed and have local bingo commitments and want to do other work.


also the boss makes things in her shop and other friends try it and miss out and feel doing your own is only way and that am going to have to spend money that dont really have at moment to buy own kits and gear and supplies.


how do you find friends to share contents with and a place if you dont have your own place just yet without continually booking cabins (still book one maybe every few months but if its every week or fortnight costs add up).


what could you do to find the money.


just trying to hang on until place sells or closes and you keep telling yourself probably wont be much longer and to just hang on.


do feel positive that the other work is going to work out great however could be like a cousin with his shed building business and take a while to pick up.


sometimes you feel a little left out.


what could you do.


when you look up in google clues that a employee is about to leave or is thinking of leaving some sites list getting new certificates and education as one clue.


why would that be a clue when sometimes you can get further education and certificates to benefit your current job or other commitments, because of that you wouldnt think its always a clue.



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Hi Car10001,


Sorry for coming late to this conversation but good on you for having a plan for your own business. You ask about how to earn money until business picks up - do you know any electricians or anyone running a tag/test business, or a local handy-man business who would take you on for a part-time role until you learn the ropes and get your own equipment?


Some people make good money buying thrift store items and reselling. Usually they're on Buy and Swap Facebook groups or have stalls at local markets. You will need to be careful that you know what sort of items will resell for a profit, otherwise you'll end up paying money to be stuck with a lot of junk no one else wants. Start slowly and look around at what sort of things other people are selling.


Good luck with the business initiatives.



How do you hang on for just one more day when you just want to move on and do other things, didn’t get to use the tools so now got to wait and thinking thank goodness it’s nearly over.


how do you ask a charity place if they got something needing to be cut and what would be bare minimum if any insurance or will it be ok if it’s your problem if something happens like home


how do you hang on, have been loyal to owners for all these years and stayed 14 years which is what prior generations did and sometimes should have done what gen x on did and accept clues that it may be time to give it up

should have done what gen x and younger do (which is todays generation of middle aged workers) and just accept clues that it may be time to give the old job up and do something youre more interested in but did what boomers did and stay in jobs until you couldnt stand it or something else happened out of loyalty to employer which no longer exists and now am behind in work goals and own goals

How do you find mates into cars am behind in plans because of staying at job out of loyalty instead of accepting when it’s time

Best way I've found to make friends is either through the people you work with - invite them to have a drink with you after work or something - or to get a hobby and join a club. Whatever you're into, whether it's cool cars or camping or stamp collecting, there'll be a group to join. Best way to make friends because you already have something in common.

How do you get time with your younger sister when people are always at the house where she lives and you don’t have your own just yet, what could you do

Was thinking of doing something with her maybe oneday parents go camping and she stays home at some stage and don’t know when that’ll be

how do you ask them to go camping or when they’re going 

Hey Car10001,


How are you today? Any progress on job direction? 






oneday at some point was thinking of doing something with the younger sister oneday when parents go camping and she chooses to stay behind oneday at some stage but don’t know when that’ll be.


how do you ask them to go camping or when they’re going or ask for time or find a place or a bit of everything.


was thinking of dressing up just a little and go get nice photos together at different places and maybe either have tea home or at beach or maybe play games console or both.


obviously if we went to parents for a meal we might do something or myself, her and the other sister would get together occasionally.


How do you get time with your younger sister (and ask) when people are always at the house where she lives and you don’t have your own just yet, what could you do


Was thinking of doing something with her maybe oneday parents go camping and she stays home at some stage and don’t know when that’ll be
 left hospitality but sooner because of no choice

hi everyone.


you may or may not know that have got a trailer that am rebuilding and working out wether to strengthen chassis and rebuild or start from scratch and use old vin chassis number since its old enough to have a chassis number and needing to get it going or enough materials to start from scratch.


was wondering how you would get enough money quickly while on just a pension to buy the materials to do it, need steel, axle, brakes, wheels, floor and sides, lights and wiring as wanting to do something soon and cant afford to do it as quick now that theres no work and only have a pension and while am positive the next work is going to work out good it may take a while to pick up.


how do you get a trailer and/or come up with the money quick while just on a pension and while car needs work.


Also how do you get the money to fix some things on your car that you feel more comfortable taking it on trips, car needs suspension work, probably new brake pads and disks and a centre bearing and suspension bushes and aircon doesnt work.


am getting by very well for the basic stuff on pension but sometimes need the money for other things that pop up and was wondering how to get quick money to get your trailer going and get things on car fixed that need fixing.


sometimes am missing the extra money but it was time to leave the hospitality job and for the owners to sell up, and while am positive everythings going to work out it may take time to pick up and thinking of something in meantime.


how do you work it so it doesnt affect pension as you can do so many hours and earn so much before reduction.



Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Car10001~

Welcome back. I think I remember that your circumstances have now changed, before you were uncertain about your hospitality job, and I guess this now comes wiht new problems.


From the sound of it you are a pretty capable and mechanically oriented person. To talk of strengthening an A-frame is no small task, Similarly wiht all the other things you have in mind.


Unfortunately they all sound pretty expensive, and as you say far beyond the reach of benefits. You can of course earn a certain amount before your benefits reduce but even that would not be enough.


I do not know of any particular way of getting over this problem. My only suggestion is to see if you can volunteer to help out at a mechanic's shop and take some help in return. Not ideal but maybe get you part way there until you can find proper paid employment.


If you would like to let us know how you go that would be good.