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JUICING for mental health

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Hi all 👋

I've recently bought a juicer and have been making fruit/veg juices and have noticed it making a difference to my mental health. I'm clearer, more energized and I just know I'm giving my body many health benefits by drinking pure extracted fruits and vegetables. I thought I'd start this thread for us juicers or wannabe juicers to share juicing recipes. It's become my new "thing".
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
I've been making large quantities that I can have over 3 days or so, you can adjust the quantities to suit.

Green juice;

1/2 bunch kale
Bunch english spinach
8 med cucumbers
1/2 bunch celery
10 apples
Whole pineapple
1/2 lemon

I honestly didn't think I'd like some of these fruit/ veg juices but so far I've liked all the ones I've tried. I highly recommend giving them a go.

Woohoo monkey! YAY for starting this thread!

And what a YUMMY thread it is! lololol.

You have inspired me to go dig out my juicers, somewhere back there in the cupboard lol.

I'm observing a FODMAP food regime somewhat so my juices will be different.
I'm really happy that the F part standing for Fructose is NOT such a problem for me... but woah boy the artificial sweeteners AND some the brassica family of veg sure are (I still eat raw cabbage from time to time though and just suffer lol).

My fave juice from the juicing stands have:
* oranges
* blueberries
* pineapple
and lots of crushed ice.

Yay monkey, I'm SO GLAD you started this thread!


Love EM

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Monkey It's great to see you started this thread.I use to grow 100 different types of fruit trees all have different nutritional value so combining fruits and veggies together you can get a real well balanced and healthy drink.

Hi Em, happy to inspire you to juice! I'm feeling much healthier and better within myself and proud of myself for injesting a lot more fruit & veg.

Matchy, 100 diff types of fruit trees, wow, in my wildest dreams. You definitely have had a huge variety!

Now, this is the first home- made juice I ever tried that a friend made me. I thought I'd hate it but I liked it and then bought a juicer and made my own batch.

2 beets
1/2 bunch celery
10 carrots
5 apples
1/4 watermelon

Thankyou for starting this thread MM.

You have inspired me to get back to juicing. I have been juicing for a few years now, but over the last month or so motivation to take care of myself in that way went.

I remember it did make me feel physically and mentally a whole lot better. Some benefits I experienced were: more energy, my head was less foggy, clearer and healthy skin, eyesight was more sharp, less inclined to eat junkfood, desire to eat more whole vegetables and fruits.

Anyway thankyou MM for the nudge to get back to it. I am going to see what I have in the fridge

That's excellent news Shelll. You have been such an inspiration to me with your eating for health and wellness thread and a lot of the whole plant based foods you eat.

Feel free to share your juicing recipes as I'd love to try more.

I might even extend this thread to smoothies as well.

Yes it is excellent news MM. I do have a natural passion for health which includes juicing and all its benefits for the human body. Have been in a real funk so I did feel encouraged when I saw your new thread.

Plus I am so happy for you.

I am now sipping on a juice I just made from some items I found in my fridge. It is not overly sweet. But it feels very nourishing inside me as I sip it slowly. Made about 1 litre.

10 peeled carrots

1 pink lady apple

1/2 continental cucumber

small knob of ginger (1/4 thumb size)

I like the smoothie idea as well.

One thing I have learnt recently is to drink juices or smoothies from a straw. And rinse your mouth out soon afterwards to protect your teeth enamel from any natural sugars and any acidic fruits. I am using a sage rinse at the moment , which is a few shakes of dried sage in some warm water. Swish around in your mouth for a bit then spit out.

Well done Shelll on making that nourishing juice and thanks for the tip to protect your teeth!

I've tried an orange coloured juice with ginger and this is the recipe;

8 large carrots
3 oranges
Small knob of ginger
1 tsp tumeric

I haven't tried this juice with the tumeric yet but many studies show that it has major benefits for your body and brain.It has powerful anti- inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant.

On another thread Ecomama mentioned to add tumeric to juices that are orange and watch your body heal- thx Eco!

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi monkey here's one with pineapple in it.My son loves pineapple.

1/4 fresh pineapple skinned and cored
4 Kale leaves
1 ripe Banana