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Is it nature or nurture? Or is it putting a thumb over the hole in the bottle and giving it a shake ?

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I guess we all wonder sometimes why something cuts us deeply, while somone else cops the  same swipe without even getting red mark on their skin.

Are we, (and by we I mean people like us that poor their hearts out on internet help forums), wired differently? What takes us to the point of overload? I know nobody bounces back entirely from trauma or witnessing terrifying or near fatal incindents. But l personally know people that have seen unbelievable horror, and seem to shrug it off. I know others that have been involved in relatively minor incidents and have been destroyed, taking those that loved them to places that no one wants to go, before the poor soul has self imolated metaphorically in alchol and drugs. Is it our early life that sets us up to bear the horrors of life, is it that we are wired differently or is it that our brain chemistry has been shaken so much by what we see in real life, on tv and movies, that when we get our very own full colour life horror story the fizxing in our brains just won't stop, or if it does, will begin foaming away uncontrollablly again at the slightest provication?

My wife, some freinds and I went and saw a show featuring a well known stand up comdian. I obviously didn't read the ad properly regarding the show's content. It was a small part stand up , but largely a talk about her depression and how she dealt with it. I could see by the audience reaction that some people gained something from it. But I left wondering what they'd have left with if she been in a period were her brain was fizzing and buzzing.

I guess what I' m trying say is that anyone suffering depression is on their very own rollercoaster ride. I don't know who or what put us there, our shared experience is the misery and pain. If someone telling you to relax and take deep breaths helps, great. If it doesn't, keep looking for something or someone that does.

 And. Stick your fingers in your ears and a tissue up your nose  when the fizzing starts, the stains can be a real problem to get rid of.

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Hi Carl, just Carl

haha. love the ending of that.

When I worked in a jail I saw some things of trauma. I handled it well. Some wouldnt handle it well at all. It wasnt until I left that the scars wouldnt heel.

Yes, we are so different.

Tony WK