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Helpful books and resources

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi everyone

Members often refer in their posts to books and other resources that have helped them. This thread is a place to list those books so all members can find them easily.

The titles might include scholarly, mass market and self-help books, specialist websites or blogs, podcasts, vodcasts or print or online journals or magazines. Please note BB has a list of websites and resources under Get Help, so maybe check there first for online resources. (Also note that we cannot include live links to online resources.)

To make things easy to find, please put the category of the content first in bold, then the title of the book and then, if you want, a brief comment.

Please note that anything listed here reflects the member's views only. Publications and other resources are not necessarily endorsed by beyondblue.

Happy reading!

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
For LGBTI peps I really recommend 'The Velvet Rage' by Alan Down. This book is great way to navigate your LGBTI community helping your peace of mind immensely!

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hey guys,

A great tool that I personally use on a daily basis is podcasts. My favourite podcast is by Jay Shetty and its called on purpose. The podcast provides great advice about many different topics including mental health such as managing/navigating through anxiety, depression and trauma as well as other useful topics such as improving relationships, taking control of your personal and work life and making it better. I believe this podcast is very motivational and it provides useful advice that can improve everyone's day to day life. Hope everyone is well.

All the best.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
hi merna, welcom to the forums, lovely to hear ur story, welcome to this communal space and hope it is helpful and cosy for u 🙂

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello everyone, I loved reading everyone's recommendations so much!
I put some titles of books and podcasts in my Noted section lol... my WISH list of stuff.


Welcome to the forums Merna, so great to have you here.

I put your rec of Jay Shetty podcast on my list lol.

I've been listening to Duncan Trussell's podcast on and off... well tbh I loved the first one I heard with Benjy Epstein, that I keep going back to the same one, I want to absorb and learn it all!
The one with James Bashara is awesome too.

I know it's "not for everyone" but what is lol.

Sharing what's helped or helping US is really helpful!

Thankyou again
Love EM

Community Champion
Community Champion

This will show my age but do you need an app to listen to a podcast or can I listen or my
I pad. Are all podcasts for sale or are some free?

Thanks for all the recommendations.

hi all,

glad to be part of this inspiring convo.

hi quirky i had not listened to a podcast until about 2 years ago, and asked someone the same question. I could be really incorrect here, please tell me if i've made a mistake, but i think that most podcasts are free, and that ones which you need to pay for are the exception. Some podcasts have ads which make it profitable.

When do u guys listen to ur podcasts, in the car, or while dong housework? i find it hard to focus-but-not-really-focus on podcasts, and tend to listen to them like a show - with full attention and while i'm doing nothing else.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey quirky

Not silly to ask, it's awesome! Podcasts are good to listen to when we want to be busy with our eyes elsewhere, like cooking or gardening lol.

Not all podcasts are the same (they may use one or several ways you can access them).

What you can do is Google Search the NAME of the person who did the Podcast.
Then next to their name write the word PODCAST.

eg Brene Brown podcast.

This will show you whether you can access it directly from your search or it's streamed via another "app".

I access Duncan Trussell podcast directly this way.

ALL the different "interviews" he's does come up in a line.
You can choose one and press the > button to play it.

Hope this makes sense.

PS: There's a really cute and quizzical podcast by "The QI elves"! lol so interesting and varied in content but really entertaining I found.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

I think Taryn Brumford (?)'s Embrace (book and movie) are pretty lovely and a good starting point on body image.

Hi quirkywords!

That's not a silly question at all! Even I've struggled to figure it out in the beginning and I like to think of myself as tech savvy haha!

I like to use Spotify! I find easy there to make a playlist of podcasts I want to listen to! On the app I believe from memory they have a section you click on for all their podcasts.

Very good book on Mental ill-health.

Explains succinctly, in clear language how you can arrive at anxiety

and depression and how to heal. Best book.

Doctor Clair Weekes: "More help for your nerves, Recovery from nervous suffering through understanding nervous fatigue (1984), Angus and Robertson.

Cheers B