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Easy peasy recipes - please share yours.

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Hello BBers

Please share an easy recipe you love. If you have a story of where your recipe(s) came from, chat away. Feel free to write your recipe in any format you like! I can't wait to try Mara's specialty Rocky Road..... like yesterday.

Here's mine. A perfect 'day off' meal and absolutely wonderful for Winter. You can prep in the morning and put it together at lunchtime for dinner. I made up the recipe after a few dismal failures lol. I have ideas for any leftover cooked stock mixture later...

Beef brisket - the BB easy peasy way.
You'll need:
1 beef brisket that fits into your baking tray with some room.
1L beef stock. 2L if the brisket is BIG.
Worcestershire sauce.
2 onions sliced anyway you like.
Mushrooms sliced thickly - as many as you like.
Oil - any type.
A baking tray... the best tasting one I've made was cooked in a cast iron, enameled baking tray but any will do.
Aluminium foil to cover the baking tray.
A frying pan / skillet.
Utensils for pan and tray.
Oven gloves.
Oven & stove top.

To cook:
Pour cold stock & 2 tblsp W sauce into baking tray.
Saute onions in oil in pan & add to baking tray.
Brown mushies as above & add to baking tray.
Sprinkle salt / pepper over brisket.
Brown both sides of brisket in pan then add to baking tray.
Cover whole tray with foil & scrunch under edges.
Spoon stock mixture over brisket to coat.
NB: The stock mixture needs to come up to around half way on side of brisket. Add more stock if needed.
Slow cook in warm oven c110C for about 2h.
Turn brisket.
Taste to see if more W sauce is needed.
Rest meat for 15 mins.
Slice and serve.

Note: IF you want a pulled beef effect then you can cook longer until beef is falling apart. Add to sliders, Turkish bread.

If this isn't easy for you, sorry! I have a great Boscaiola coming up later that is super easy, promise.


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@EM - add some garlic to the cooking mushrooms for more flavour. (parsley is also good to add at the end!)

Daughter came home from swimming (training) and didn't have hashbrowns in freezer. Lazy, I know. So I decide to make them from scratch. She like the real thing now. Don't know is that is better or worse. But they do taste much better.

I do mushrooms like that too, except with pepper instead of oregano or garlic, usually to go with mashed potato.

Wanted to share my yoghurt recipe. It does require one of those EasiYo canisters which is a bit of initial outlay, but if you eat a lot of yoghurt it's worth it. The packet mixes that come with them are pretty expensive, but they can be made to last.


1 litre UHT milk

2-3 tbsp yoghurt or EasiYo powder (unflavoured)

1/2 cup milk powder (optional)


Pour half a litre of UHT milk into container (UHT is important unless you're willing to heat fresh milk to the right temperature first - I don't know the right temperature) - it doesn't work if the milk hasn't been heated. Add the yoghurt or EasiYo mix and milk powder if using. It seems counter-productive to get yoghurt to make yoghurt, but there need to be starter cultures. Once you have made a batch, just keep some aside to go into your next batch. The milk powder will make a thicker and creamier yoghurt, but isn't necessary if you don't want or can't afford it.

Close the lid, shake to combine ingredients. Add the rest of the UHT milk and shake again. Fill EasiYo gadget to top of baffle with boiling water, plonk your container of yoghurt mix in and leave for 24 hours. When it's done, take it out and put it in the fridge to set for at least a few hours. I stick a note on it to say when I made it, so I know when to take it out.

I hate the flavoured EasiYo mixes, they are very artificial and way too sweet, so I flavour my own. I don't expect anyone to do raspberry coulis like I do sometimes. The easy things are a bit of toasted muesli on top, or tinned passionfruit puree. Fresh or frozen berries (not tinned, they are disgusting). I sometimes puree some tinned apricots or peaches and cut some of the fruit up to add some texture. Honey syrup (1:1 ratio of honey and warm water) and vanilla bean paste - quantities to taste - make a simple but decadent tasting yoghurt.

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I did a roast lamb yesterday
With home made mint sauce.I will put my mint sauce recipe on later for you It is a real easy one.

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Blue Voices Member
Mint Sauce
Ingrediants ;
1/4 cup of mint leaves finely chopped
1/4 cup boiling water
2 tablespoons apple cider vinigar
2 tablespoons sugar
1/4 Teaspoon salt
1/8 Teaspoon pepper
Place finely chopped mint leaves in a small bowl.Stir in boiling water,vinigar,sugar,salt and pepper stirring until sugar is dissolved cover and let steep for 20 minutes .Serve with lamb.Can place in a jar and will keep in fridge .

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Blue Voices Member

Cape Gooseberry Jam

1pound(450g) Cape Gooseberries

3/4pound(340g) Sugar

Tea spoon Lemon Juice

Place Gooseberries in large saucepan with sugar and lemon juice.

Stir carefully until the juice runs bringing to boil until some sets on a saucer in the freezer.

Bottle in sterilized jars.

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You have really nice recipes Mark!

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Valued Contributor

Hi Ecomama, how are you?

I hope you and your family are doing well.

Your friend,


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Does anyone have a low sugar low fat oeanut biscuit.?

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Blue Voices Member
A simply recipe for Tomatoes.
Oven Dried Tomatoes.
Ingrediants:Ripe Tomatoes,
Salt,olive oil.
Method: Preheat oven to 120 degrees Celsius . Slice tomatoes in half if using small ones or into quarters for larger ones and scoop out pulp.
Place on tray skin side down lined with baking paper and sprinkle with salt and place in oven.Cook for two to three hours checking regularly until they are the dryness you like.
Place in jar and cover with olive oil .You can add herbs in jar.I put fresh rosemary in mine.
Put in fridge and enjoy.

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Hey everyone, thankyou for ALL those really yummy recipes!!!

They are very much appreciated!

Hey Neerja, we're battling through, lots going on as per. How are you?

Hey quirky, sorry I don't eat peanuts as a "rule" due to a FODMAP regime lol... it's not as bad as it sounds and I CAN seem so handle satay some times but bikkies aren't my faves.

Hope someone else may have a nice recipe for you!

I'll pop back after I find the recipe my daughter wrote out for everyone... brb.