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Coping during the Coronavirus outbreak


We recognise that many of us here in the community are feeling scared, worried and overwhelmed about the Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak.

Just as we have come together here during other difficult times, we encourage those wanting to share or seek helpful support to do so here in this space.

What are you doing to look after your wellbeing during this time? Sharing is one of the most helpful ways we can support one other – our community is also here to support you if you’d simply like to share how you’re feeling.

It is important we maintain perspective and support each other as best as we can, everyone here at Beyond Blue would like to remind our community that medical, scientific and public health experts around the world are working hard to contain the virus, treat those affected and develop a vaccine as quickly as possible.

The Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Service is available 24/7 at coronavirus.beyondblue.org.au. There is a dedicated phone line, staffed by mental health professionals briefed on the pandemic response, that is also is now open on 1800 512 348.

Beyond Blue’s existing support service will continue to operate alongside the new service. The Beyond Blue Support Service is available via phone 24/7 on 1300 22 4636 or via beyondblue.org.au/get-support for online chat (3PM – 12AM AEST or email responses within 24 hours).

There are some other helpful discussions taking place here within our forum community that you may find helpful to read or participate in: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/online-forums/staying-well/hi-there-i-only-just-joined-and...

As a community, let’s help one another through sharing and connecting and showing our support.

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How do I cope?

To be honest not that good mood wise. Being so close to units next door and them playing loud music using subwoofers does my head in. My tolerance is zero. Being in small home does not help.

The only two positives was a phone call from.a colleague i used to work with years ago. It was a surprise and cheered me up.
The other is my two cats. They calm me down.

Just got to learn to.be tolerant. Bought head phones so hope dummy me can set it up and relax.


hello everyone, thanks for interesting ideas that help.

Angela, Patience has given a detailed account of things that help her with structure and motivation.

I find I need a routine and structure so I divide things into 15 or 30 minute interval.

I need to study something for 2 hrs, I find I work hard for 15 min the break the another 15 minutes. Maybe go for a walk outside or do something else.

Find something that works for you without putting pressure on you.

I like stand up comedy online too.

Patience thanks for sharing your suggestions. I am sure they will help others reading it.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Rusty Quirky PatienceBay Sleepy21 RX Tangney Doz86 meforcats Feeler and everybody else too !

  • I like what Tom Hanks mentioned when he was hospitalised in QLD...'we are just taking one day at a time'

Quirky.....just a humble note of thanks for acknowledging as many new members as you have on this thread

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Blue Voices Member
Happy Easter everyone and i noticed that despite these restrictions the Easter Bunny has managed to deliver lots of eggs.

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Blue Voices Member

I’m not coping well today. I live alone and I’m another one with not enough structure in my life and it’s getting on top of me. I need to clean up the dishes/kitchen, do the vacuuming (my dog Possum is a great fur shedder 😭) and I feel so very down today. I want to cry but can’t, I need an enormous gentle hug. Tomorrow has to be better. PLEASE 😓

Speak Your Truth big hugs from me.I hope you have a better day tomorrow.Dishes and cleaning can wait to another day.

Hi Cala, I saw you on my thread and I'm sorry I've only got a few minutes until I can reply properly later today, but little Sam sends you warm fluffy furry hugs and I'm sorry it's all got a bit much today. Hang in there and I'll write later today, we are just taking advantage of a sunny day to go walking again... we do care. Hugs hugs xoxoxo

Thanks for your reply Matchy69. Yes, I know dishes and cleaning will wait, but I’ve said that too many times, so I am actually doing the dishes now - I took a minute to answer a messenger post and so checked in here too. The sun and blue sky have come out here today. I’ll go back through the posts looking for you to get to know you a bit - but when I have cleaned up the kitchen. Just have to do it 🤗

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Blue Voices Member
I have just found out that in Queensland you can go for a solo motorbike ride as this is considered exercise.

Hi Speak Your Truth

It can be hard to admit that we are having a rough day. Good job tuning in to your needs. The tears will come in their own time, and I'm sure you'll make space when they do.

It's OK to have ups and downs, and you are welcome to post here anytime.

Sending you lots of BIG, gentle virtual hugs.