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Coping during the Coronavirus outbreak


We recognise that many of us here in the community are feeling scared, worried and overwhelmed about the Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak.

Just as we have come together here during other difficult times, we encourage those wanting to share or seek helpful support to do so here in this space.

What are you doing to look after your wellbeing during this time? Sharing is one of the most helpful ways we can support one other – our community is also here to support you if you’d simply like to share how you’re feeling.

It is important we maintain perspective and support each other as best as we can, everyone here at Beyond Blue would like to remind our community that medical, scientific and public health experts around the world are working hard to contain the virus, treat those affected and develop a vaccine as quickly as possible.

The Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Service is available 24/7 at coronavirus.beyondblue.org.au. There is a dedicated phone line, staffed by mental health professionals briefed on the pandemic response, that is also is now open on 1800 512 348.

Beyond Blue’s existing support service will continue to operate alongside the new service. The Beyond Blue Support Service is available via phone 24/7 on 1300 22 4636 or via beyondblue.org.au/get-support for online chat (3PM – 12AM AEST or email responses within 24 hours).

There are some other helpful discussions taking place here within our forum community that you may find helpful to read or participate in: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/online-forums/staying-well/hi-there-i-only-just-joined-and...

As a community, let’s help one another through sharing and connecting and showing our support.

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I like to bake and cook too. I use oat flour in some things. If you have a blender you can make your own oat flour. Also you can bake with almond flour too.

Have you considered using those, it is fun to experiment with them. There is tons of recipes online that use these flours for baking

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi Everyone,

Quirky i really liked your response here and i agree with what you have written.

Moon, i understand about your worries for mental health, and i think most people are very concerned about this, but when you say that the social restrictions are an overreaction - how does anyone know that they are an overreaction? If we look at what has occurred outside Australia i think it shows these restrictions are not an overreaction.

In Italy, they didn't react quickly with restrictions and the public didn't take the restrictions seriously when they eventually were brought in, and now things are really grim there - we are 4 weeks behind them i think, in terms of when the virus hit.

When people say they want our leaders to tell us we're going to be ok, and to give us positive news - would that not be dangerous to paint a rosy picture when things are not rosy? Donald Trump did that, he said "everything was under control", "all good", "we've contained this" in his address to his nation, and then his administration had to correct everything he'd said afterward because it was not contained and everything was not ok.

I get that our mental health is not being looked after so well right now, and definitely all the job losses are extremely concerning and probably a recession will eventuate, and there's room for improvement in this regard, but i don't see how it would be helpful for our leaders to tell us things are ok, when they're not?

When the recent fires were raging, and we were constantly being told today, tomorrow, the next day was going to be catastrophic, it was deeply disturbing and scary and anxiety was sky high (and many will be traumatised for a long time) but at least the majority of us were prepared enough to at least flee and save our lives - if they told us it was going to be ok I'm sure many more people would have perished.

We're all in this deeply uncomfortable and strange scenario but isn't it better that we follow the rules/advice/restrictions to reduce the number of lives that will be lost rather than saying and pretending that everything will be fine?

We're all in this together ❤

Take good care of yourselves everyone.

Hi Centaured,

We acknowledge your fears about going for a medical test at this time. A lot is happening around us and there is a great deal of uncertainty about what the next day or even week may look like for us. What we do know it that there are some things within our control that can assist us in staying well. Like writing on the forums when unhelpful thoughts or emotions start to feel overwhelming. We’re here to be a space for anyone needing to let go of any unhelpful feelings and share what has been supportive for people during this time.

 It may also be helpful to have a chat with one of our counsellors at our Support Service to talk things through – 1300 22 4636 or www.beyondblue.org.au/getsupport

Keep connected and check-in whenever you feel comfortable.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
I would like to see the prime minister and premiers or on the same page.

Community Member
My mental health has plummeted in the last week. I’m halfway through my 14 day isolation after enjoying a short holiday in NZ. Stress from the isolation has caused my back problem to resurface. I am struggling to walk and in constant pain. I can’t access treatment as my practitioner is unable to see me until quarantine ends. The pain has left me sleep deprived, I am unable to exercise and am teary all day. My mood thrives on social interaction but at the moment I can’t handle it as I am so negative. Hopefully I will get back to work soon but for now


Welcome to the forum and thank you for making your furst post.

can see how hard it is being isolated when your are in so much pain.

Is it possible to have a telehealth call with your doctor, Can you keep in touch with people online and by phone?

It is hard when you are in pain.

is there some light exercise you can do? Can you try mediation or listening to calm music.


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi everyone,

I realise this is a stressful & confusing time for so many. So much uncertainty & the thing is, I think most of us humans like certainty....

I really liked what Hanna said:

This is the social contract - that we sometimes have to do things to help other people among us. I know it's scary and uncomfortable and tough, but we are asked to do this to help people like my neighbour who is far from young but still prepared to leave her ill husband and go down and work a shift at the local ED to help people who are sick.

We are asked to make some sacrifices for people in our community who are vulnerable. Eventually this virus will pass, but it will take some time. In the meantime, do please try to help the people at the frontline like my neighbour, and help to stop this virus infecting so many people that they are overloaded. Thanks everyone.

Beautifully expressed in my opinion 🙂

In my own case, I don’t like social distancing more than anyone else. But I accept the fact that we need to practice social distancing & limit going out as much as we can to slow the spread.

I understand that I will not be seeing my friends or family for at least 6 months (possibly longer). I know that I need to do this, even though it’s not pleasant, to help flatten the curve...in the same way that others I know are doing the same.

As Hanna correctly said, hospital’s personnel & resources are not unlimited. Thus, we need to slow the spread to such a point that it does not exceed our hospitals’ capacity to cope. I personally know a few doctors who share the same sentiment...

So as difficult as it is, I agree with birdy & Hanna that we need to give up some things in the here and now for a brighter collective future where there are fewer new cases.

Personally, I try to think of social distancing, etc, as an act of love & protection for our physically vulnerable/high risk individuals 🙂

All this is not easy though. I do understand that, but I also believe we can do it.

We really are all in this together.

Kindness and care,


Community Member
I am feeling physically sick with anxiety. At the moment I still have a job but I’m not sure for how long. How do I pay bills, rent, repay loans ect and provide for myself my family and my animals. I have always worked hard, and made enough money to survive and make ends meet. This isn’t going to last a few days or a few weeks this is going to last for many, many months. It’s ok for the wealthy and for people who have money and family to fall back on, governments will go broke, many elderly will die. I’m sorry I’m not trying to scare people I just think that there must be a better way to deal with this. I am not coping. I’m sick of the silly jokes and memes online, this is not a joke anymore. News out of Europe is so depressing. How do we go on?

Community Champion
Community Champion


Welcome to the forum and well done for writing your first thread. Yjos forum is full of supportive anf friendly people.Yout worries are very real but thinking the worst does not help. Sure be real and things will change.

I have had to learnt to live without my home and an income since the fires. It is not easy.

know some people do not like the jokes but I find the videos of songs and people singing and exercising in part buildings show the human spirit.

Our ancestors got through the wars, and we will find a way.

Do you have people you cant talk to and you can help each other.

If you want to read some of the threads here with ideas of how to cope. pper has written a helpful post.

Post here as much as you can.Quirky

Summer Rose
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Jacey

I know you are scared. I am too.

What I keep reminding myself to do in these uncertain times, is to focus on the facts and what we have. And Australia has:

  • One of the best health care systems in the world and additional equipment and medicine is on the way.
  • Committed doctors, nurses and paramedics who are working hard--and will be working even harder--to care for us.
  • Brilliant scientists trialling new treatments and working to develop a vaccine.
  • State and Federal leaders who are trying their very best to find solutions to challenging health and economic issues.
  • A public service that is working very hard to provide essential services.
  • An established social safety net system. The new stimulus/survival packages are significant and financial help is on the way. There will be more help to come.
  • A largely kind and caring collection of communities across the nation. I have faith in Australians to do the right thing.

We are in a much better situation that many countries around the world. But we must acknowledge that governments and the medical community cannot do this alone.

We must hold the line and do what is being asked of us. We must have faith.

Hang in there, my friend