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bipolar parents

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When do you tell people you meet that you are not ignoring them but have bipolar and at times being social is too much. And how do you explain to your kids why you have good and bad days without getting them worried. 
I would like to know if there are any parents on this forum living with bipolar. It would be great to connect. 

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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi, welcome


I have bipolar2 and other issues. So does my daughter now 34yo. 

I no longer have any obligations to any organisation (except beyondblue God luv 'em). Same with friends I keep at an arms distance and family- well many of the females are manipulating so I've drop them off also. 


Regulation is the way to go, by all means socialise but maybe go to a function every second time or pass when someone that you find abrasive is there- just get used to slipping out the back door. 


Find hobbies at home, follow a sport. If you follow footy go to a game that is played in a regional area rather than crowdy places. We love our caravan but there is no way we would go to where tourists are- regional areas mainly the great dividing range or further inland where tiny towns welcome you to camp in their footy grounds and all you hear is the cows at night.


In terms of children not realising you are having a good/bad day, adults dont know either. Kids are actually more resilient than adults, they often adjust. A bipolar parent that gives 30 minutes of devoted time with their kids studies is far better than a parent with no mental health issues not devoting any time at all. We parents can be our own enemies. Remember your bad mood is only an extreme of a normal persons mood, sometimes our bipolar mood is a normal mood that we put down to bipolar and so on. You could do yourself a favour by being more kind to yourself and accepting that you worrying over how your kids are being effected by your snappy nature is a parent that is caring and loving.. 


There isnt much more that a child needs. No parent is perfect.