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Best word to describe today

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the sunlight is warm on my back;

people here are very warm, accepting and welcoming - far more so than many of my own friends and family - thank you so much, it has helped more than you will realise and has helped lead me to...

and finally, my self-attitude is warm and forgiving which is a huge change from the self hatred I have been pushing onto myself so much recently.

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I struggle very much to enjoy a day doing nothing without critisizing myself & laying blame on myself for not getting stuff done.

Today is going pretty well. Slept, watched some tv, naps & now toast for lunch. Best off all I’m still in my pyjamas & I feel all snuggly & warm.

To enjoy a day like this guilt free is so very, very nice

Fully agree with you BigBlue that we all need those guilt-free lazy days. Love the positive spin on staying in PJs. Very important to stay snuggle and warm.

Enjoy your day!

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Valued Contributor


Sometimes you can be all good and then something just comes along and it all feels uggghhh. It will pass…. But currently, uggghhh

Sorry to hear that Katy. I hate days like that!

My word for the day would be -


I was asked to do something which could have been necessary, but knowing that person was really a desire to draw me into drama of their own creation. I obliged though on the off chance the need was real. Just not happily!

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello everyone


i like this thread and listening to other posts.

Katy I have too many of those days lately.


is another day

a start to

the rest of my life .

To me it is tiring

another 24 hrs to

cope with.


I did 2 things in my to list.

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Blue Voices Member


I had a list of three easy things to do. And I did them! That’s twice this week. Once upon a time I would have said 2/7 was a fail. But it is most definitely a pass now lol.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

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Sorry for delay in replying to everyone. I lost my balance again and went for another tumble so I've been a bit too uncomfortable. I agree any day you manage to get the basic list achieved is a major pass! Congrats. This is not going to be my usual wordy replies because pain levels are pretty high today... Sorry Will get back soon.

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My word today definitely has to be PAIN.

pain physically from the jarring to spine when I lost balance again (so frustrating)

pain emotionally and psychologically from all the self-defeating nasty things I keep thinking.

Yesterday I had someone tell me I was malingering and wallowing in my misery. I don't understand why people can be so supportive of someone with an obvious injury yet can be so dismissive when the injury doesn't show like the damage to my spinal nerves. I live with pain 24/7; constantly battling to improve my abilities again. Jeez I had to learn to walk again. It's taken years of constant work to get to where I am today. Yet I'm malingering and wallowing!

I'm hurt, angry and very negative today... But I'm still slogging up that mountain (cliff?) of rehab to get back to a more active and fulfilling life.