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A Five-Year-Old Girl

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In 2018, I was extremely upset while walking home from school. I was heart broken by a group of best friends who left me and I was unsure of how to cope with life. I lost track of the time because every day seemed the same, I had severe irritibality issues, I had not showered nor brushed my teeth in a week, my hair was very untidy, there were deep purple bags visible under my eyes, and there were wrinkles and self-harm marks visible. I was walking with my head down and considering suicide that day due to breaking down in tears in a class, almost destroying school property and causing a fight, and a mother and father who berated me.

A trailer almost ran me over, however I did not have a single thought nor care towards it. A five-year-old girl from a nearby primary school skips towards me and says with glee on her face while pointing to my school:

"Do you go to this school?"

I replied in a monotone, low, and quiet voice that was followed by a sigh of disappointment:


The girl replied cheerfully:

"Okay. Bye now."

While she skipped away, my head turned upright and I smiled. I hope that she knows that my friendship with the same group of best friends who left me has been reinstated since, and I am continuing to live and thriving years later.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

hi and welcome (?) to the forums. I am not sure when you originally posted the one above. my bad. how are things going for you today? It sounds as though things have turned around for you since 2018. Perhaps that is the power in a 5 year old person - the ability to ask a stranger a question that others might not dare to and in that moment connect with that someone else who needed it.

Peace to you, Tim

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello BB563780...

A warm and friendly welcome to our forums...

Thank you for sharing what happened to you...I am really sorry that you felt that way...

We could be at our lowest and thinking unhealthy thoughts..then out of no where some stranger walks passed, gives us a smile or a hello....and restores our belief that there are kind people in a world that can feel dark, cruel and bleak....

I am very happy that little girl gave you some hope and you continue to live and striving after many years.....

A little kindness goes such a long way...stays in our heart to build up our soul.....

My kindest thoughts lovely BB563780.