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LGBTIQ+ film recommendation needed for community event screening to tackle stigma, discrimination, marginalization and victimization and equal rights.

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Hello everyone,

I work on one of the non-for-profit Greek welfare organizations in Melbourne and I am currently involved on an LGBTIQ+ project for the Greek community in collaboration with Queerspace and Greek and Gay support network. The project is called Skepsi (Thought), and offers mental health service for LGBTIQ+ Greek people and their families.

The Skepsi project follows on from last year’s LGBTIQ+ project “Starting the Conversation”, also funded by DHHS, which aimed to raise awareness about LGBTIQ+ issues in the Greek community.

The “Starting the Conversation” project identified importance of community education and the need to continue to raise awareness about LGBTIQ+ issues and to advocate for the mental health well being needs of the Australian-Greek LGBTIQ+ community and their families.

In addition, the project highlighted the importance of open communication and safe relationships as tools to acceptance, inclusion and security for the LGBTIQ+ Greek community and their families.

I would like to ask if someone could please recommend an appropriate LGBTIQ+ film which we can screen in a large community event in September. I am trying to find a film that tackles discrimination, stigma, shame and the challenges and issues the LGBTIQ+ community is faced with.

The film has to be appropriate for the general community and particularly elderly and families of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who may not have watched an LGBTIQ+ movie before. It also has to be appropriate for public screening in a Council venue.

Any ideas? Please help.

All recommendations will be considered.

Thank you in advance. X

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G'day Donte'

what about "Love, Simon."

It isn't Greek, but is about coming of age and the anxiety etc that young people face with being gay. It is family friendly, and is just a lovely film. There are some real tear - jerking moments too. A lot of happiness and love. Look it up on google, and watch some of the trailers. An awesome movie!

Good luck!

HI Donte. I agree with Only I know. 'Love Simon' is a new LGBT+ film and it is really good. My sister is 16 (straight) and enjoyed it too. It also addresses being outted as well

Thank you. X

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Thank you. X

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Hello All,

thank you for your great recommendations. The committee who has got together to view films and choose the most appropriate for the audience has chosen Head On, an old movie made in Melbourne which encapsulates the Greek- Australian experience of being LGBTIQA+ and growing up in the 80s in suburban metro area.

It is an R+ film about a 19 year old Greek Australian youth who struggles with his sexual and ethnic identity.

The film will be shown at a theatrette in the city of monash at Clayton Community Centre on Wed 26 September at 10am and all culturally and linguistically diverse people over 18 are welcome to attend this free event. After the screening there will be a panel discussion from representatives of Victoria Police, Queerspace/Drummond St Services, Doctors of South Melbourne, Thorn Harbor (Vic AIDS Council), Greek&Gay support network, and Domestic Violtnce/Family Counsellors Workers. Dr Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli will open the forum. Q&A session will be followed by refreshments and stalls with information and resources for culturally and linguistically diverse people with the support of Monash library services and city of Monash.

If you happen to be in Melbourne on the day and wish to attend the screening and panel / forum please do so.