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Just want to chat about anything and everything ?

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Hi , Jo W here . A little history ( mine ) . Living in a semi remote area means there is no one for day to day chats . Even have to go 45 km for a coffee at a friends house in one direction and same in opposite direction to a road house . So , I was in hope that a thread for isolated or lone/lonely people and everyone else of course might add colour to people's days ?

I have a ham radio foundation license and radio gear and that has served me well to ease the isolation .

Since Jo kicked the door in ( late 2020 ) the options for everyday contact out here have diminished , but now we have here ( very good outcome I think ).

Looking forward to hearing stories of you all . ( don't be shy ) . Any stories , your journeys , your thoughts , adventures etc

Lol and hugs , Jo W

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welcome to the forums.

thanks for sharing your story. I moved to another community after my home and shop was destroyed in the fires. When I came covid restrictions stopped me from meeting people even my neighbours. Even now it is hard to meet people as some are a bit nervous of newcomers.

There is BB cafe thread where you can drop bye and say hi,

topic: Anyone had to spend days alone without anyone to talk to?

Night Owls (for those awake late and can't sleep)

I hope this helps.

Thank you Quirkywords , I am so sorry you had to go through the fires . ( hug ) am speechless and care very much .

Did you mean the Transcendent Rainbow Cafe or is there another Cafe somewhere else ? I missed these if they are on that one , that's why I posted here on the LGBTIQ area as this is where I mostly stay and feel comfortable.

Lol to all , Jo W

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Community Champion

Jo w

rainbow cafe yes but the other cafe is supportive and friendly .

Sorry I read the title and didn’t see where you had posted.

I hope you find a place you feel comfortable.

You can use this thread to chat and met people. Some times it sees a while fir people to reply.