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Gender confusion

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How do you approach the questioning of your decisions ? How can we be sure of what we see as true self ?

Has anyone who has gender euphoria found that it diminishes or is that wonderful change permanent in some form ? I think there will be some subtle changes as life goes on always for the better I hope .

Look forward to hearing on this subject and any others that you wish to write about .

Stay safe ,take care , love to all. Jo W

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi there

Sometimes posts get missed for whatever reason, so sorry you haven't had a reply. I hope any members with experience in this area can pitch in and join the convo.

I'm not familiar with gender euphoria, so I googled, and I'm really glad I did. Nice to learn something new. Thanks for posting, hope this bump gets attention.

Kind thoughts, Katy

Thank you for reply Katy . Am suspecting that it may not be such a common experience . I am older than most here and think that life experience and recognition with total comfortable acceptance of true self may put one in a more likely position to experience this euphoria .

There are some blurry edges for me at present , ie : definitely on the correct path with decisions and acceptance but ( what-if) anxiety has a bight on occasions . Kind of hard to explain.

Also it seems that a lot of posts show signs of stress and some even of desperation which is far more urgent than this discussion of mine . Having said that it would be lovely to have any input that might be out there .

Stay safe , and lol to all , Jo W

Spl spl
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This is a wonderful conversation and I believe an important one to have. I have gender euphoria but sometimes it kinda happens the other way around, then comes back. As in sometimes I'm happy being seen as a girl, then another day I'm happy being seen as a guy, and sometimes I'm happy being seen as either one, or more happy to be seen as neither one. (I took the label genderfluid)

Because this kept happening for years, eventually I got comfortable and used to it happening so that's how I know for sure. I do think life experience and time is really important to figuring it all out (I'm young though haha)

I think gender euphoria happens differently for different people, although I'm sure there are some other people who relate to your experience too! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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Thank you so much spl spl . I am sure all the time about my choices but there is a small part of the time where there is flux . The spectrum is so huge , perhaps that has a lot to do with it ?

You are wise for your years !

Thankx again , stay safe lol to all Jo W

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hey Jo8049

I just wanted to congratulate you on your post and for sharing how you are feeling and what is going on for you.

As you can see you have some wonderful support and some great ideas here from the community.

I think the question you have asked is so very interesting and my honest opinion is that we are ever evolving, learning and taking on new ideas and feelings which in turn create depth and variety to our personality and who we are. I don't think we ever stay one personality, it would be quite boring if we did don't you think?
Learning and growing is so very exciting and finding out who we are, we may be many things and that is ok too.

So great to chat to you some more and hope you are doing well today.



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Hi Sarah , you input and support are very much appreciated .

I feel that my core consciousness ( soul perhaps ) has changed little since I can first remember . Today I am the sum of everything that has happened and everywhere I have been plus the core I started with ( the core seems not to change much , perhaps that's where the real me resides ? ) . I feel that the core is pure energy which we all must have to exist .It is good that we are not static , and change is always with us .

Thank you all , stay safe , Jo W

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Hi everyone , I have question for anyone if they feel like sharing .

Q: When you found your true self was this an event you could put on a timeline or a gradual process ? I realise the build up is gradual but for me there was a finite point where Jo was born ( for want of better terminology ) . My whole life was the build up with about 15 months with triggers in them then a huge arrival ( birth ) event .

Is this kind of typical or is it much more diverse than common pathways ?

Love to hear if anyone was ts to share . xx

Lol and happiness , Jo&LD xx

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I found your thread woohoo, my experience is limited in this zone of gender liquidity. However I do posses two gender related energies. I can be yin or yang usually depending who and what gender strength I'm with. I try to compliment those I deal with to foster good will and hopefully positivity. Like at work I will enter a room of males and I always say "good morning men". Thus letting them know that I know I'm different, while at the same time honoring their masculinity. 95% of the workers are men so for me it's important to acknowledge this fact. Maybe I hit the spot and if not plz excuse my simpleness.

Community Member

Hi Amberlite and thank you . All interesting here . Simple is wonderful to as it is so much easier to gather a whole lot of simple and piece it all together , to complicated is hard work ( for me anyway ).

Probably I don't need to know the answer but am intrigued how it is for others when they reach the point where you have to accept or reject your true self . Maybe it is just a fluid gradual change for some and they don't have an event as l did ? Thus just incrementally accepting as it goes forward ?

Thanks again for taking the time to post . hug

Peace tranquillity and love to all. Jo xx